10 Importance Of Good Transportation System In a Country

10 Importance Of Good Transportation System In a Country

10 Importance Of Good Transportation System In a Country

Importance of Good transportation system in a country .

Transportation is the movement of humans, animals, goods from one place to another.

Transport is a branch of commerce and plays a central role in the economic activities of a country.

10 Importance Of Good Transportation System In a Country.

Every Government needs to spend and improve their transport system and Here are the advantages of good transportation system in every country:-

* It’s provides employment for those who work within the transport system.

*Good transport system promote International trade by moving goods and services across national boundaries.

*By helping to facilitate economic Activities, it makes some contribution towards the country’s gross national product and national income. This aids the growth of business.

*It improves the movement of persons and goods from one place to another without much stress.

*Promote domestic trade by transfer of goods from producers to wholesaler’s.

*By providing employment , it increase the income of workers and contributes towards improved standard of living.

* A good transport system ensures safety of passengers and freight as well as ensuring that both get to their destinations within minimum possible time.

*It’s enables raw materials and other inputs required for production to be transferred from sources of supply to factories for the manufacturer of finished goods.

* Good transport system reduces the rate of accidents and lost of life.

* With a good transport system it encourages direct trade between, manufacturer, wholesaler , retailer , and consumers.

Importance Of Good Transportation System In a Country.

There are various means of Transportation in every country .The means means of transport used in each case depends on the form of transportation.

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However before considering which means of Transportation to select, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration . These includes :-

*The distance to be covered.

*The purpose ( if it to deliver goods to consumers ,the nature of goods will also be considered)

* The cost involved

* Length of Time involved.

Types of transportation 

There are four main type of transportation every country has , and these includes :-

* Road Transportation.

* Air transportation.

* Water Transportation.

* Rail Transportation.

Road Transportation :

Road Transportation is the most popular of all form of transportation as can been seen in the list of means of transport used.

Besides it’s reliability, it is also usually the cheapest where distance to be covered are short.

It is as well the most suitable means for transporting perishable goods such as , vegetables and tomatoes.

Meanwhile it’s facilitates quick delivery of goods by manufacturers and can be used to advertise the firm business.

Furthermore it can go to remote places and transport raw materials directly from source to the factory .

But when accidents occurs , losses could be very heavy.

Air Transportation

Air transportation is currently the fastest means of transportation anywhere in the world .

There are only one common means of air transportation – via aircraft ( which could be helicopter or aeroplane ).

Importance Of Good Transportation System In a Country

In every country air transportation are divided into two,  which includes domestic and International air transportation.

In Nigeria for example  ,for domestic air transportation there is Air peace and Arik Air ( with other numerous domestic carriers) in the country).

While International carriers like fly emirates , ethiopian airways , and others handles the international air transportation.

Although in every country ,some wealthy men and women who have private aeroplane’s also operate flight along domestic and International route but not on commercial basis.

Rail Transportation 

Trains are the only means of transport in railway transportation.

Rail transport is most suitable where heavy and bulky goods are to be carried over long distances.

Most asian countries like china, Dubai and japan rail Transportation has been improved with trending speed trains as they used the train more often there.

In Nigeria ,the federal government has invested heavily to improve the rail transport sector with works ongoing.

There are two major categories of trains. These are goods trains and passenger trains.

Goods trains in nigeria carry commodities such groundnuts and cotton from the northern parts of the country to the sea ports of the south for export.

Similarly ,they carry imported goods and petroleum products from the southern parts to the north.

Passenger trains are the second category of trains. Passenger trains carry human cargo ( passengers) to different destinations located along the rail lines.

Sometimes they also carry mail and freight in small quantities. Generally , they move faster than goods train but the fastest trains are the express trains.

Because they run on fixed routes,they are not as flexible as road Transport. One major advantage of rail transport ,in spite of it’s inflexibility ,is that it is cheap.

In fact ,it is the cheapest of all the forms of transport considered so far.

Water Transportation 

This refers to the transportation system which operates along navigable waters.

In Nigeria navigable waters includes Niger, Benue , Cross River , Imo River , Anambra River, Qua Iboe River and coastal waterways in riverine parts of nigeria.

The means of transport used are canoe ,barges and motor boats.

There are two categories of water Transportation. These are Inland waterways and sea transport.

Importance Of Good Transportation System In a Country.

Inland waterways :  this refers to the transportation system which operates along rivers which are navigable.

There are fewer accident here than in road transportation. The commonest cause of accident on inland waterways is bad weather which may cause small boat and canoes to capsize.

Sometimes engine failure also cause small boat to sink, Apart from these ,risk of accident in inland waterways is negligible.

Water transport is slow and therefore an unsuitable means of transport where urgency is required.

Sea Transport : sea transport is used mostly for purpose of foreign trade.

Most goods meant for import and export between countries are transported by sea.

When the carrier accepts goods in his vessel for transportation, he issues a special document to the owner of the goods.

This document is known as “Bill Of Loading ” the document will show particulars of goods to be consigned. Just like other forms of transport,sea Transport follows specific routes.

There are two major types of sea – going vessels. One carries passengers and mail, namely , passenger ships. Cargo ships ,the second type , carry cargoes just like goods train and are usually slower than passenger ships.

Tankers are usually built for carrying liquids, oil tankers ,for example , carry Nigeria a crude oil for export to their countries such as the united kingdom ,United States of America, and japan, among others. The management of the sea Transport in Nigeria is the responsibility of the Nigeria National shipping line ( NNSL ).


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