15 Ways To Stay Out Of Trouble In Nigeria

15 Ways To Stay Out Of Trouble In Nigeria

15 Ways To Stay Out Of Trouble In Nigeria15 Ways To Stay Out Of Trouble In Nigeria


These are the 15 most important ways to stay out of trouble in Nigeria.

1 . Do not give lift to anyone you don’t know especially at night no matter the reason , because you might be falling into a trap.

2. If you are robbed by chance ,and any of your property was taken away from you either car , phones , identification cards , ATm card etc .

You should report the incident quickly to the nearest police station around you.

Becauseif the robbers are eventually caught and your property was found on them , you will be deemed as part of their gang of which you will be arrested and probably be prosecuted. So let be guided.

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15 Ways To Stay Out Of Trouble In Nigeria

3. Do not buy used phones or electronic devices from a stranger without proper documentation.

Unlessyou are buying from a known friend of which you have accerstain he or she was the previous owner.

Buying a used phone can get you into serious trouble because you might be buying a product of theft, armed robbery or kidnapping, if so and you are arrested, you will be dealing with a case of armed robbery or kidnapping.

Also do not buy vehicles from vendors, until you check the registration details at the National Vehicles Registration Database to know the actual owners, or you ascertain that the Customs Papers are genuine.

It could be stolen, robbed vehicles or a product of Kidnapping operation.

4. Do not use your Atm debit card in a remote area as you might be force to make false withdrawal by robbers at gun point.

5. Carefully read thoroughly and understand any document before signing on them, because you are bound to what you have signed.

15 Ways To Stay Out Of Trouble In Nigeria

6. Do not allow any police man, investigating officer or security agent to force you make any statements. Insist on seeing your Lawyer.

By the New Law -ACJL, they will oblige you, never make a statement for any reason that will implicate you as you could be on your way to jail .

7. Always have airtime on your phone at night in case of an emergency situation.

8. Be mindful of what you  post on social media, because you can’t tell who is who on social media.

Your post might not only make you popular but also expose you to kidnappers .

9. Do not give testimonies in church or at an occasion with details of you making money or acquiring priced assets.

You may acquire a kidnapping value, the Church is a mixed crowd and venue of an event is not a safe place.

10. Avoid staying in the midst of mob,  if any body dies or get injured  from the mob actions and you are apprehended at the scene, you will become a Murder Suspect .

11. Do not allow anybody make calls or send a text message  with your phone .

Rather offer them card because if the person is wanted for crime you might also be a soft target for the police to get to the person .

12. Always delete you financial transactions from your phone.

And Do not allow a third party use your email or bank account for transactions, because it might be an illegal transaction which might get you into trouble.

13. Always co – operate with security agents whenever they stop you , as they are there to protect you always. Speaking to them softly and calm will go a long way.

14. When driving , always check your rare (side) mirror to look  if you are been trailed by robbers or kidnapper’s , if you suspect any one you can run or drive into any nearest police station.

15. Avoid joining any illegal group( cult, robbery or Kidnapping ) as it’s will definitely lead you into trouble.

Avoiding this aformentioned 15 Ways To Stay Out Of Trouble In Nigeria will help your daily life ..


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