There are many crypto lending platforms in the world but here are seven centralized lending  platforms where you can hold your crypto  and earn interest on them. You should  look out for number seven because it pays  the highest APY on your crypto.

I will  also, be telling you how safe this  platforms are, but I implore you however  do your own research before taking  any actions because this is not a financial  advice.

Now the platforms that I am about to  introduce you are centralized crypto learning  platform.

What happens here is that they hold your  deposited crypto and then lend it out to  generate interest. So, they pay you attractive APYs when  you hodl your crypto in their wallets  because you’re contributing to  the fund available for lending.

Now since those that borrow money from  these platforms pay back with interest, it  is easy for this company to  pay you and other hodlers. But this does not mean that  they only get the money they   borrow out, or they lend out from you the hodlers.

They actually have enough reserve which  you will find out later in this video. So, whether you’re looking to earn extra  income from holdings or you want to use  your own crypto now as collateral to borrow  fund from these company to facilitate  your trading, they are here  to provide this services and remains one of the best crypto lending platforms.

crypto lending platforms

1. YouHodler  :

YouHodler is a crypto lending platform  that offers crypto to fiat services. It was founded in 2018, and  is headquarters is in Cyprus. By hodling your crypto in the YouHodler  savings account, you will earn up to 12%  interest per annum for stable  coins and up to 7% for other coins.

Some of the supported coins  on YouHodler include BTC,   ETH, BNB, LINK, UNI, ADA, COMP, USDT, etc. Also, the platform grants instant  cash for loans in EUR or USD. You can also receive loans in  USDT or BTC if you prefer that.

To secure a loan, you only need to  deposit any of the supported cryptos as  collateral. Impressively, the platform allows you  to withdraw the loan (as well as your  earnings) directly into your  bank account that is YouHodler.

2. Celsius Network

The second platform on my list is Celsius  Network. This was founded in 2017, and  it is popular and I know you must have  heard of it. Now Celsius Network you can  earn up to 18.

55% APY when you hodl your  crypto in their wallet. And coins like BTC, ETH, UNI, DASH, etc. attract up to 5% APY,   while Stable coins like USDT and PAX yield up to 12.5% APY. Interestingly, when users accept to be  paid in CEL which is Celsius network token  they receive additional 30%  interest on their returns.

Now talking about loans, Celsius Network  allows interested users to borrow cash  or stable coins at the  lowest rates (as low as 1%). They can use any of the supported cryptos  as collateral. Additionally Celsius  Network only charges you 1% when you  borrow cash or stable coins on their  platform.

3. BlockFi

This  platform sit at number three and this is one of the top players.  It was founded in 2017, and its  headquarters is in New York. Now with BlockFi, you can earn interest  at up to 7.

5% APY when you hodl your  crypto in its wallet. And if you need cash, you can borrow  at a rates as low as 4.5% APY. Some coins that you can deposit  as collateral are BTC, ETH,   LTC, PAX, USDT, and others.

And in BlockFi you can also buy, sell,  exchange a variety of cryptocurrencies on  their trading platform.

Top crypto lending platforms

4. Nexo

Nexo is also a top lending platform   it was founded also in 2017 it pays as high as 8% for crypto currencies and 12% for stable coin   and standard currencies.

Payout are made daily and users can withdraw   their funds at anytime. Also users who prefers to be paid in the Nexo Network   token receives additional 2% on their interest, and if you want too you can also   secure a loan on Nexo and repair back with 6.

9%APY. Supported coin includes BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, BNB,   TRX, and so on and so forth. Number five is


In addition to offering  loans services, pays high interest  on coin you stake on the platform. So  you can earn up to 12% on stable coin  and 6.5% on other coins.

Also you can  choose from any of the available holding  terms: Flexible, 1-month fixed, and 3-  month fixed term depending on how long  you are willing to hodl your coin on the  platform. So top coins you can stake on the  platform include CRO, BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH,  etc.

In addition to lending and borrowing, allows you to do virtually  anything crypto, they have an exchange  where you can actually trade different  crypto currencies. They have a Defi  platform you can do your Defi business, and  they have a card, a card with visa you  can use to perform any transaction you  perform with your regular visa  card.


Binance needs no introduction it is the  world biggest crypto currency exchange. So  I will expect that you are surprised if  Binance is not on this list. Now on Binance  you can earn up to 6.

5% APY when you  stake your coins, and like they  have both Flexible and Fixed investment. The flexible investment allows you to  withdraw funds at any time while for fixed  investment; you can only withdraw  your funds at a specific time.

Now the good thing about Binance is that  it has a long list of coins that you can  stake and also you get 60 to 65% loan  to value ratio when you take loan on  Binance. The last but not the list is OKEX.

7. OKEx

OKEx offers you three ways to earn. One  is saving, second is staking, and the  third is crypto-to-crypto (C2C) loans. Now for the Savings all you need to do  is to deposit any of the 32 supported  cryptocurrency on the platform, and  you will earn interest on them every   single day.

And anytime you want you can choose to  withdraw your capital and the interest. For the Staking, you need to lock up your  funds for a given period of time, and you  can not withdraw your funds until that  time has elapsed.

Now the good thing about  staking is that you earn more interest  on staking than you would on the savings.  And impressively, OKEx offers more APY  than any of the other platforms that  we’ve mention so far.

We are  talking about 11% to 33% on OKEx. For the crypto to crypto loan you can lend USDT to   the platform and earn higher interest on your capital. Some of the supported coins include  Bitcoin BCH, ETH, ENJ, 1NCH, and so on  and so forth.

So the next question you  might be asking now is, are my crypto  currency safe on this platform? Now  lets start with Celsius Network. Celsius network for example, has over $10B  in assets and it partners with Horizen  Labs to prove liquidity at any moment in time.

It also has a team of Certified  Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS). Now for BlockFi, BlockFi is regulated in  the U.S. and backed by a large financial  institution like Valar Ventures, Winklevoss  Capital, Galaxy Digital, Fidelity, etc.

Then Nexo has a $375 million  insurance on all is custodial assets. As for YouHodler, it uses Ledger Vault  to securely control its crypto assets. It also has a $150 million pooled crime insurance. For Crypto.

com, Binance, and OKEx they  are renowned exchanges, and they are  regulated by financial bodies. So you can see that they are reputable and that why they are the top 7 crypto lending platform.

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