All Eyes On Nigeria Ahead of June 12 ( Democracy Day )

All eyes are on nigeria ahead of the June 12 , a significant day in the history of nigeria political foundation , amid an already tense atmosphere .

A situation the president , Muhammadu Buhari has promised to address Nigerians by 7am on democracy day through Nigerian television Authority ( NTA ) and other approved media outlets.

A solidarity protest are been rumoured to take across Nigeria on june 12 to demand for accountability and uprightness from the leaders .

Nigeria yet to recover from the June 12 1993 incident

Twenty eight ago ( June 12 1993 ) Nigerian woke up to an unexpected blood shed , lost of property , destability of the economy and creating a vacuum yet to filled in the political history of nigeria , where a prominent political figure was killed .

However , with decade past , many nigerians are still in shock to what really transpired that day .

With another democracy day ( june 12 ) by the corner , Nigerians are planning to hit the street across the country to protest over what many called a military regime and not the proposed democratic system of government.

However protesting isn’t the problem but the consequences of protesting should really be considered by Nigerians , knowing in mind an avoidable scenes could be prevented .

Most recently was the incident of lekki toll gate that occured on the night of 20 October 2020, at about 6:50 p.m, where  members of the Nigerian Army opened fire on peaceful End SARS protesters at the Lekki toll gate in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Protesters were killed in lekki , during the course of the End sars protest avoidable lives and properties were lost and destroyed.

Why protesting on june 12 isn’t the solution to NIgeria’s problems.

Although protesting is a means of voicing out opinions , and sending a strong message to whomever its may be .

But not in the current state of things in nigeria , where kidnapping , unlawful killings , banditry , Insurgency are the other of the day to mention a few of the current problem facing nigeria.

Nigerians are yet to get answers to the lekki toll gate massacre , why add another one ?

Lives and properties can be save only if the propose protest is avoided .

Protesting might just be the perfect timing for law breakers to carry out their unlawful activities .

Security personnel have a vital role to play on june 12 .

With the Inspector general of police ( IGP )  and other security heads has vowed to ensure peace on democracy day .

Security personnel will be called upon to secure law and properties on democracy day in nigeria .

However this personnel should focus on calming tension and not escalating it , using the End Sars protest as a point of lesson .

The date june 12 will forever be significant in the political history of nigeria .

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