Barcelona President Joan Laporta Speaks Out On Leo Messi Leaving The Club

Barcelona president Joan Laporta Speaks out on leo messi leaving the club, an annoucement that has not digested well to the general public and barça faithfuls.

In a lenghty speech joan clarified all that transpired between all parties involved as well as the impact LaLiga played in messi exit.

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– “Leo Messi wanted to STAY at Barcelona, he had an agreement to stay at Barça and we wanted Leo to stay. I want to thank Leo’s camp and all people involved in the negotiations. Unfortunately, because of La Liga rules we can’t proceed”.

– “Negotiations with Leo Messi have ENDED. We can’t register Messi because of La Liga rules, they’re not flexible with us on salary limit. We had an agreement with Leo but we can’t register him. Leo will now look at OTHER OPTIONS, we had a deadline”.

Joan Laporta speaks out on Leo Messi leaving the club

– “Financial numbers and losses are worst than expected. Our salary mass is not leaving any margin. Financial Fair Play is also blocking us. I can’t make a decision that could destroy the club, Barça are the most important thing”.

– “We can’t register the contract of Leo Messi that was agreed because of Financial Fair Play rules. Unfortunately we have received an inheritance in which we have no margin with the salary current situation”.

– “Chances to change the situation and re-sign Messi? I don’t want to give fake hopes. We had a deadline because La Liga is starting soon… now Messi can look at other options”.

– “I’m sad but we did everything to keep Leo and he was prepared to stay at Barcelona, it was agreed. A new era starts now without Lionel Messi, we’ll be thankful to Leo”.

– “We had an agreement with Messi to sign a five-years contract but paying him two years salary. Leo agreed the contract, it was ACCEPTED. We were convinced it was a good agreement for Financial Fair Play but… it wasn’t allowed by La Liga”.


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