Karim Benzema Makes Shocking Claim About Cristiano Ronaldo During Their Time at Real Madrid

“My game hasn’t become more natural since Ronaldo left,” Karim Benzema told France Football in an interview.

“Everything doesn’t go through me, but now I am the one who creates and finishes the chances. It was the same at Lyon. With Cristiano, I created and he scored.

“When Cristiano played for Real Madrid, he scored 50 or 60 goals every season.”

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“I moved to give him advantage and generate space for him. When he left, I assumed those goalscoring responsibilities.”

The stats show Benzema is really telling the truth. Since Ronaldo left Real Madrid in 2018, Benzema has scored 114 goals for Real Madrid.

This season, the French striker has already registered an impressive 23 goals in 26 games.

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