Biden Or Trump : Americans Will Decide On Tuesday

Biden Or Trump : Americans Will Decide On Tuesday.

Biden Or Trump : Americans Will Decide On Tuesday.

Joe biden Or Donald Trump : americans will decide on Tuesday who will pilot the affairs of the country for the next four years.

On Tuesday November 3 , americans will take to the street to cast their vote .

Biden Or Trump: Americans Will Decide On Tuesday.

However, the forthcoming US election is the most heated and talked about in the country history.

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Biden who served as the vice president during the Obama administration  from 2009-2017 is the candidate for democratic party.

Biden Or Trump: Americans Will Decide On Tuesday.

Meanwhile Donald Trump will be hoping to retain his presidential position for another four years.

Biden Or Trump: Americans Will Decide On Tuesday

Trump who became americas 45th president four years ago , is the  candidate for Republican Party , also known as the Grand Old Party (GOP)

Here are some quick fact about US election.

* Date And Time 

The scheduled date for the general election in US  is on Tuesday been November 3.

The first polls close at 7pm local time on the east coast, which is 10am AEDT on Wednesday, November 4 (meaning that for those watching in Australia, most of the action will take place during the day on Wednesday).

All polls will close by 9pm EST on November 3, which is midday AEDT on Wednesday, November 4.

How Often are US Elections?

The united state of america holds their presidential election every four years.

Election Results Announcement 

Due to the newly introduced shift to mail voting ( as a precautionary measure due to coronavirus ) .

An idea of voting which Trump and his party has criticized vehemently.

Americans might not know the winner of the election on November 3 but that doesn’t mean results will be tampered with.

Since the start of both contenders campaign this year , joe biden has been a clear favourite winning most of the debates.

Although a poll conducted in US shows biden emerging winner of the November 3 elections.

All eyes on America, as  americans decides who their next president would be .  Biden Or Trump


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