Breaking: Mason Greenwood Returns But Won’t Play Yet – Here Is The Reason Why

Last week, it was reported that Mason Greenwood was included in Man United’s Premier League squad despite being suspended by the club.

Now, there are rumors that the 20-year-old forward could be back in training soon, prompting one of our readers to ask this question.

Unfortunately for him and his fans, Greenwood will not be able to return to training while he’s under investigation.

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The case where the forward is accused of domestic abuse and sexual abuse is still ongoing. Man United’s position has not changed and is not expected to change until the investigation is over.

As it stands, Greenwood remains a Man United employee – which is why he was automatically entered on the list of U21 players for the Premier League squad – and reportedly continues to earn his wages. He’s not allowed to represent the club in any capacity though, including participation in training.

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