Casemiro Finally Explains Why He Was In Tears After His Red Card Foul Against Southampton

Casemiro was visibly upset after his tackle against Southampton which led to him being given a red card. Fans suspect emotions probably poured out of the Brazilian due to him knowing that he would be sidelined for another four games.

An interview he did with Revista Panenka back in February 2022, might explain another reason he was so upset at the referee adjudging that there was malice in his intent with the tackle.

“The referee, the fans, I think the key to all of this is that they also see there is no malice.

“I always try to get the ball, I always go strong because that is who I am. I like the intensity that I play with, but there is no malice, I have never gone with studs to hurt a player.

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“If someone is going to hurt a player, I get angry because that is not football. In football you can foul, fouls are part of the game. But never with malice. And I think it comes from my values which my mother taught me. And I am never going to hurt a player.

“I am never going to insult a player, I am never going to do anything wrong. Of course, being on the field you can stir up a player, that is normal and it will always happen because each one defends their badge.

“But my values that my mother taught me is never to hurt anyone. I think I am going to keep fouling and receiving cards because that is football, but I believe my values that my mother taught me is never to hurt anyone.”

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