Checkout : 5 Important Reason Government Should End Protest

Checkout : 5 Important Reason Government Should End Protest

Checkout : 5 Important Reason Government Should End Protest 

Here are 5 major reason government should end the ongoing protest in Nigeria.

Nigeria have been turn upside down with continuous protest across the country .

5 Important Reason Government Should End protest

Recall that the peaceful protest which have now turned bloody in some parts of the country started after some unlawful Activities of the police.

The peaceful protest tagged ” End police brutality ” gained monumentum after the youth took to the street for their voices to be heard .

Checkout : 5 Important Reason Government Should End Protest 

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Important Reason Government Should End protest

Since taking to the street , the nigerian government have quickly dissolved the police unit ” SARS ” which was the genesis of the nationwide protest but yet the protests continues and here is  the reason Government should find solutions to the protests now turned bloody .

Lost of lives 

Since the beginning of the peaceful protest turned bloody , innocent lives have been lost .

Every Government is meant to protect it’s citizens life but reverse is the case of protesters in Nigeria as the security agencies meant to protect the citizens are shooting at them.

It’s a major reason the government should find solutions to the nationwide movement, as both citizens and security personnel are losing their lives

* Lost of Properties 

Properties worth billions of dollars have been destroyed since the beginning of the protest, as angry youth go on rampage on government Properties.

Asides government Properties , some citizens have lost properties  such as cars , houses and even their business places.

Just recently , government owned  transportation buses were set ablaze , Television station was also set on fire .

The destruction of properties cannot be looked over as these properties are assets to the government and it’s citizens .

In other to prevent further lost of properties ,government Should listen to the protesters and come to their demands if possible

* Daily Activities 

Daily activities are disturbed due to the ongoing protest .

Citizens can’t move about for their daily activities , even recently the Nigerian government have imposing state curfew in some States.

The lack of normal daily activities will surely have it’s economic effect in the country .

* Schools

Few weeks ago schools across Nigeria were reopened due to temporary closure during the Covid-19 outbreak as a precautionary measure.

But as the protests becomes bloody , the Government are closing down Schools for the second time in a year due to protests.

The environment is no longer deemed conducive for learning .

Children needs to go back to school and that Another factor government should consider and put an end to this protests .

* Health sector 

Health sector suffers from this ongoing protest, as cases to attend to Increases drastically.

Due to protests , roads are blocked making it more difficult to get health supplies needed which might results to lost of lives.

As the protest continues , government need to urgently find a lawfully way to end this protests.

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