Cubana_Chiefpriest To Haters : No Follow Us Dey Drag Doings

Cubana_chiefpriest to haters and those doubting their source of wealth , as the celebrity bar man takes  a swipe on them in a lengthy instagram post.

Recall that few days ago , Nigerians were shocked with the show of wealth amoung igbo big boys who stormed OBA to pay their last respect to obi_cubana mother who was laid to rest externally.

Since the lavish occasion in OBA , many NIgerians have been ranting on social media , questioning cubana_chiefpriest and other attendees source of wealth following their flamboyant display of cash.

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While for some Nigerians , believes hard works conqueres everything and saw nothing wrong with their display in OBA.

However cubana_chiefpriest has this lengthy instagram post for all haters and doubters.

Cubana_Chiefpriest To Haters

” No Follow Us Dey Drag Doings, Our Business Requires Noise N Doings, If Una Like Complain Till Tomorrow If Our Well Aged Loved One Dies Again We Go Still Use Excess Doings Bury Am.

It’s Good For Our Entertainment N Hospitality Businesses.

If We Don’t Make This Noise N Doings How Will All These Multinational Brands Bankrolling Us Get Visibility.

How Do We Sell Out @casa_cubanahomes Abeg Make Una Cry Una Cry @obi_cubana Has Proved To The World That He Owns The African Entertainment Market, We Lead Others Follow.

To You The Weak N Envious Minded Guys Is A Lavish Burial And You Want To Criticize But To Us It’s A Heavy Investment.

Since Then Deals Are Rolling In, Investors Are Calling, Brands Are Seriously Begging For Affiliation, Abi Na The Followers N So On, So Make Una Try Calm Down.

Well E Reach To Worry Una Shaaa Because E Really Choke !!!! But Best Believe Before Anybody Go Fit Erase What Happened In Oba🇳🇬 E Go Tehhhh, History Will Never Forget. Abeg Do Your Own N Leave Our Own For Us

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