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Easy Tips On How To Fight Against Drug Abuse

Easy Tips On How To Fight Against Drug Abuse

Easy Tips On How To Fight Against Drug Abuse

Easy Tips on How To Fight Against Drug Abuse is very essential to our society as many young vibrant people indulge in this bad practice.

Easy Tips On How To Fight Against Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is the habit of taking drugs without the doctors advice; direction and is the non medical use of drugs.

While Drug  is any substance which effect the action or function and shape or structure of the body when used.

 Tips On How To Fight Against Drug Abuse

Doctors prescribe drugs for patient to use when they are sick. These drugs can be purchased from registered pharmacy stores or chemist in order not to buy adulterated or expired drugs.

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Examples of drugs been abused by individuals are ; cocaine, valium , codeine Heroin ,Opium , Aspirin, Coffee, Alcohol ( Beer,wine,gin) Caffeine, Marijuana, Chloroquine etc.

Easy Tips On How To Fight Against Drug Abuse

There are mainly two types of drugs , which are Licit Drugs and Illicit Drugs.

Licit Drugs ; These are drugs that can be produced ,sold and used legally, e.g. paracetamol , Alcohol , Tobacco.

Illicit Drugs; illicit drugs are drugs not permitted by the law to be produced and sold legally e.g. indian hemp, cocaine, heroine

Easy Tips On How To Fight Against Drug Abuse

However when talking about  drug Abuse , do not forget that it’s different to Drug Misuse ,Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse.

Drug Misuse ;  This is the habit of using illicit drugs for a purpose for which the drug is not suited or using Licit Drugs in improper dosage.

Substance Abuse ; This is the habit among drug users which makes them resort to cheap  alternative substances as a result of non availability or expensive nature of the desired drug.

Drug Addiction ; This occurs when the normal functions of the body are altered in such a way that the body requires the continued presence of the drugto function.such people who are addicted to such drugs cannot function normally without the drug.

Causes of Drug Abuse 

There are many factors Contributing to the increase of drug abuse, but mainly the use of illicit drugs has been attributed to the following Reasons.

* Peer pressure:- This is major cause of drug abuse in our society. And that is why everybody especially parent should be mindful of who their ward mingle with in their various neighborhood and school.

Every lady would want to be accepted by their and among their social circle.

* Some Take drugs out of curiosity  ( To experiment and see the results)

It’s no joke that this happens especially in minors and that why everyone needs to be careful while handling any drugs , keeping used drugs out of reach of young lads would go a long way.

* Some take drugs just to feel important and get high.

* While many abuse drugs just to make them feel excited.

*  While some belief that drugs can make them bold, daring and excited.

* Some take drugs to reduce stress ( relaxation) and faustration

* Some abuse drugs because of lack is self confidence.

* Lastly some indulge in this act due to their inability to say no when a friend offer them the drugs.


* NARCOTICS :- E.g Heroine , cocaine codeine , opium. They are powerful illegal drugs that effect the mind in a harmful way.

Opium is obtained from a poppy( a garden plant ). It is used in Medicine to reduce pain and help people sleep. Morphine is a powerful drug made from opium and used to reduce pain arising from Accident or disease. Heroin is made from Morphine .

* COCAINE :-  is obtained from cocatree ( South America) and is used by doctors as an anesthetic i.e a drug that can make a person or an animal unable to feel anything, especially pain either in the whole body or in part of the body ( local Anaesthetic)

* TRANQUILIZERS :- These are drugs used to reduce anxiety e.g Valium,they are used to reduce tension ,help individuals suffering from sleeplessness to get enough sleep. They are also used for treatment of mental illness.

* HALLUCINOGENS :- these are drugs such as LSD ( Lysergic diethylamide, PCP that affects people’s mind and make them see and hear things that are not really there.

* CANNABIS :- e.g Marijuana,hashish  are illegal drugs made from the dried leaves of the HEMP plant which gives a feeli of being relaxed when smoked,eaten or drank.

* STIMULANTS :- e.g Cocaine, Amphetamine, Caffeine these are drugs or substance that makes you feel more awake or active and gives you more energy and excitement. Caffeine is found in Coffee,tea and some soft drinks.

* DEPRESSANTS OR  SEDATIVES :- these are drugs that make somebody go to sleep or make them feel calm and relaxed. Example are Barbiturates , valium Alcohol

* INHALANTS :- e.g Aerosol , gasoline solvents Glues , Solvents room odorizer . They are drugs that you breath in.

Alcohol is classified as a drug because it is a stimulant which also affects the sense of a person that abuses it .


This is an illegal trade of smuggling drugs from one country to another .


* SMOKING :-  This is a habit of sucking smoke from a cigarette, pipe etc into your mouth and letting out the smoke through your mouth or nose. Drugs like marijuana ( Indian hemp) are rolled in paper or leaf by snookers or put in a pipe.

* INHALATION :- This is the process of taking in air , smoke ,gas etc into the lungs as you breath. Any drug that you breath in is called inhalant e.g Aerosol, cocaine, petrol,thinners. When inhaled ,these drugs produce intoxicating and exciting effects as well as aggressive and hallucinating effects in the inhaler ( person)

* INGESTION :- This is the process of swallowing drugs in liquid form or tablets. Capsules and syrups.

* ABSORPTION THROUGH THE SKIN :- Some body creams and pomades used are forms of drugs to treat ailments of the skin.they are rubbed on the skin and the skin absorbs them into the body .


* By taking drugs to gain boldness. These enable them to commit crimes, such as rape ,robbery assault, assassination etc.

* Not taking the correct dosage ( underdose or overdose) or not taking the drug at the right time or intervals as directed by the physician.

* Using drug for a purpose which it is not intended. e.g using maleria drug to cure headache.

* Taking drugs to sedate.

* By taking drugs that make them feel high  ( strange feelings) when they will not have control over their senses.


Social risk can be described as a situation that could be dangerous or have a bad Results in the society either now or in the future. Drug abuse therefore have a negative effect on the person , family and the society in the following ways :-

* Drug abuse can cause Accident on the road

* Money will be spent in rehabilitating drug abusers

* Youth and anyone on drugs is a problem to the family and the society at large

* Theft , robbery ,Murder , Suicide , Cultism , Assault ,Rape  are mostly carried out by drug users .

* Student who abuse drug may not have good results and may even drop out of school

* If a couple or one of them is into drug abuse ,it may lead to break up of marriage and it’s may affect their kids.

*Use of unsterilized needles and syringe can lead to the spread of HIV&AIDS as drug users can use the same needle and syringe on themselves with sterilizing them.

* Drug users spend their money on drugs. They even steal money if they don’t have money to buy the drugs they are addicted to

* If a child grows up in a family where the father or mother are into drugs,he or she can take to drugs .

* Inability to withstand negative peer pressure can lure some youth into drug abuse so be careful who your friends are.

Drug abuse shouldn’t be part of our society , together we can eradicate this practice by sharing this with your friends and family.


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  2. […] ALSO READ : Easy Tips On How To Fight Against Drug Abuse […]

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