Man Utd boss Erik Ten Hag Speaks on His Discussion With Sir Alex Ferguson about Ronaldo

According to recent claims, Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag has taken a break from training in Melbourne to sit down with Journalists to answer some questions.

The Dutchman confessed that the Red Devils started their pre-season earlier due to a lack of fitness but at this moment it has been improving.

In addition, the style of play is a specific one being another reason for starting earlier, however, the 52-year-old said it won’t be done by the end of pre-season, but rather when it is over he will get results.

According to an interview from ESPN Erik Ten Hag was asked about what kind of manager he is in the dressing room, and if he throws teacups when angry, to what he said:

“No, but it is a tool that a coach has. Most of the time it will go into normal behaviour way. Sometimes you have to use all the set of tools you have.”

Then they asked him – Sir Alex Ferguson had the hairdryer, what is your version? Ten Hag added:

“I don’t need the hairdryer!”

Later the former Ajax manager was asked – Have you spoken to Sir Alex since you’ve been at the club?

Yes, I had contact with him. But what we spoke about is private.

How much of a boost was it? “It is always fantastic to talk with Sir Alex about life, but especially about football.”

About Ronaldo this is what Erik ten Hag had to say: “I am well informed – he also has an option [for a further season].”

Yes. Of course I have signed here for three years, but in football it’s short-term as well. We have to win from the start. So I don’t look that far ahead. I have a strategy, it’s a process, it takes time, but we have to make sure from the outset there is a winning team.”

Cristiano hasn’t done a pre-season. Are you planning to start the season without him so he can catch up?

“I think so but he is training. We all know Ronaldo is a top professional and will be fit, that is the last concern I have.”

Can he play regularly at 37 for a Ten Hag team that likes to press from the front at the age of 37?

Ten Hag replied “Cristiano is capable of doing that. In his career he has shown everything.”

“I have set my demand. We want to play in a certain way. A top player can contribute and Ronaldo is an absolute top player in our squad.”

Finally, when asked if Ronaldo will return to training at Carrington [United’s training ground] next week?

He replied “I cannot tell you. Not yet.”

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