Bruno Fernandes Responds To Claims That He Plays Better Without Cristiano Ronaldo In The Field

Speaking to The Athletic, Bruno Fernandes said: “Most of my assists last season were for Cristiano Ronaldo, so I don’t think it [the criticism] is fair. I just had a poor season in terms of numbers. I don’t think it is about Cristiano or myself.

“Before he came, I was also taking the penalties, but I had two chances to take the penalties last season and I missed both. So I cannot blame Cristiano for taking penalties, especially when he scores them

“I didn’t do the best in myself in some moments to get goals or assists last season. In the national team, I play with Cristiano and when I score, he is on the pitch. To play with Cristiano as a No 10 is actually really good.

“Players respect Cristiano so much that it creates more space, as the opponents are afraid of him taking the ball and scoring. They want to mark him and [they] create an overload where he is to mark him.

“I played the last four Premier League games without Cristiano starting and I scored only one goal. So it is not because of Cristiano. It is about momentum, timing. He can be really good to play together with.”

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It has been suggested by the media and some Old Trafford supporters that Bruno is negatively impacted by Ronaldo’s presence on the pitch at both Manchester United and Portugal.

These claims are backed up with some interesting facts. Fernandes had scored 29 goals and provided 19 assists in the 53 Premier League appearances before Ronaldo arrived at Old Trafford in the summer of 2021.

In his last 40 appearances with his Portuguese teammate, Bruno only has 8 goals and 7 assists. But he doesn’t seem to have any issues with playing alongside the 37-year-old and will hope to create more goals for him as the season moves on.

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