Former Tottenham Manager Warns Erik ten Hag Over Treatment Of Cristiano Ronaldo and Casemiro

Tim Sherwod has expressed his views Ronaldo and Casemiro being left out of the starting XI against Man City and stated that Ronaldo needs more minutes.

“It is a difficult decision for the manager, I think he did the right thing. But I would have asked him, one of the greatest player the world has ever seen, I would have asked the question, ‘are you up for coming on?’, and I am sure the answer would have been yes. He needs one goal for his 700th goal. He don’t care when it comes, and it will come soon, but he needs the game time to be able to achieve it.

“For me, that wasn’t a good look, him looking at Casemiro there. If I was the manager and I turn around and I am watching them two whispering around, I am thinking, ‘I’m not sure if they are on side.’

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“Why has be bought Casemiro to the club? He’s fully fit, give him the opportunity to play, get him on the pitch as soon as you can.

“We are talking about a five-time Champions League winner, why on earth is he sitting next to Cristiano Ronaldo, the greatest player we have seen on the bench? It’s different if you have top-drawer players on the pitch but those two are good enough to play in the Manchester United side.”

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