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GTI INDEX : Disadvantages Of Been Ranked Third Most Terrorized Country In The World

GTI INDEX : disadvantages of been ranked third most terrorized country in the world

After  the recent global terrorism index ( GTI ) was announced this week, where Nigeria was ranked as third most terrorized country in the world.

There are always a heavy disadvantage when a country is been terrorized on a constant basis.

However the latest global terrorism index, means that Nigeria has been ranked as the third most terrorized country in the world for a record six consecutive years.

Nigeria Ranked Third Most Terrorized Country In The World.

Although Afghanistan  and iraq sit at first and second most terrorized country respectively before syria , somalia , and yemen were also ranked fourth , fifth and sixth respectively.

However with the recent killings in Nigeria , most especially in the northern part of the country  where the terrorist sec Boko Haram has continued to torment citizens there.

Third most terrorized country in the world

With the rampant killings , Kidnapping , and destruction of properties by the Boko Haram sec , it’s no surprise that NIgeria was ranked third most terrorized country in the world.

On Saturday , 43 farmers were confirmed dead, while some are still missing .

Third most terrorized country in the world

The incident which occured in maiduguri the borno ( northern NIgeria ) state capital,

happened when the farmers were working on a rice field , they were captured ,tied and their throats were slitted.

Disadvantages Of Been Ranked Third Most Terrorized Country

* Insecurity 

The ” No one or place is safe ” thought keeps popping up on anyone living in a terrorized place .

Everyone lives their daily lives in fear , thinking of who would be the next victim.

However  constant attack or activities of a terrorist sec drastically increase the insecurity level in that area just as we have seen in northern NIgeria.

*Decline In Investment.

Rampant terrorism increases the Decline in investment in the Affected area.

Nobody want to invest in an unsecure and unconducive environment.

Borno state which has been a home to Boko Haram sec , will definitely see decline in investment in the state both foreign or local investment.

Just as libya are still struggling to recover from Gaddafi saga , and how the country has been divided by different sec .

* Lost of lives and properties

This is where it’s affect not only just Nigeria but every other terrorized country as well.

Women are been raped, and most times Kidnapped , some are forced into marriage while some are killed.

Unlawful killings of citizens , destruction of private and government  properties is inevitable in a country expirencing  terrorism.

* Economic Instability

Afghanistan , Iraq , Nigeria , Syria , Somalia and Syria , all have an instable Economy ,of which terrorism is also a key factor contributing to that.

With Nigeria currently into another recession , this are obviously some of the disadvantage of constant attack from the Boko Haram sec.

With the latest global terrorism index, all eyes are on the Muhammadu Buhari APC lead administration on how it’s would respond to Latest ranking.


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