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How Government Can Tackle Dirty Environment

How  Government Can Tackle Dirty Environment

How  Government Can Tackle Dirty Environment

A dirty environment is any habitat that is in conducive for living due to the state of dirtiness .

Dirty Environment causes more harm than Good , most African and Asia countries are suffering from dirty Environment.

When living in a dirty Environment , you are expose to different kind of diseases and other harmful things which are not good for health living.

Causes of Dirty Environment

Every country has different reason to why there are dirty Environment in it’s country and here we would be looking at some of the causes of Dirty Environment

1. InActive Environmental Agencies

Here is where the Government has a big role to play, creating proper environmental agency offices across it’s country with adequate funding to back them up in their duties.

It’s the responsibility of this agencies to make sure that they supervise and punish any Environmental law breaker in the Society. You can’t win the fight against dirty Environment without the help of environmental agencies.

2. Lack of Waste System

Lack of Waste system is a major problem to many countries, without a proper waste system your environment is bound for dirtiness, both the Government and individuals has a role to play in the aspect of waste System. Every Neighborhood should have a proper waste system within their reach in order to overcome dirty Environment.

3. Ignorance

It’s sounds funny but true,  ignorance palys a role  when it’s comes to dirty Environment. Citizens  litter their environment with dirt without knowing the impact that dirt may have to the environment.

Mostly in Africa and Asia where the rate of dirtiness is high , you find out that ignorance also contribute to dirty Environment .

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Now eradicating dirty Environment is a global concern to most Nations especially in Africa and Asia and here are some factors to consider by the government in tackling dirty Environment.

Tips on How To Tackle Dirty Environment

Here are some Tips on how to tackle diet environment

1. Creating Awareness on Clean Environment to locals

Creating awareness is a major factor to consider in fighting against dirty Environment, educating locals living in an environment of the important of living in a clean environment will go a long way.

Most of this local are ignorant of their actions , but with proper Awareness program either being sponsored by the government or by individuals will do more good in the fight against dirty Environment.

2. Funding of Environmental Agencies

Creating an agency without funds is a major problem to most countries , provision of proper funds to the environmental agencies will enable them work effectively .

Educating local and provision of funds to environmental agencies is a step forward to win the fight against dirty Environment.

3. Creating a law and Punishment for offenders

Human beings are hard to control , despite creating awareness  some locals will still want to go against it, sand that why a law needs to be passed protecting Environmental issue and Punishment be made for those going against it.

Dirty Environment is not conducive for living, we all should live a healthy lifestyle and that why we need to keep our environment clean at all times .


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