How to check the authenticity of your vehicle plate number

Vehicle plate number is an important aspect not to be neglected by every vehicle owners .

Confirming the authenticity of your plate number will help in averting unnecessary issue with authorities on the high way.

Before you put your motor on the road or before you proceed to the police station to obtain tinted glass permit , you have to first verify the authenticity of your plate number to avoid our vehicle been pounded by police as exhibit.

Plate number verification process

Step by step process in verifying the originality of your number plate in order not to make mistakes are as follow :-

* Step one => Go-to search engine and type

* Step two => at the homepage of the site , a search column would appear with an inscription  ” VERIFY PLATE NUMBER  ”

* Step three => click on the verify plate number column to verify the plate number of your choice by typing the number in the column.

E.G => ( ABC863AP) please don’t give space while typing your plate number, and most importantly it have to be written in capital letters.

==> Immediately it will display a response message , something like this for example ( Plate number is valid and assigned to TOYOTA Highlander ) , in a situation  whereby your vehicle is TOYOTA CAMRY and , your verification shows the above message that means you are using another vehicles plate number.

N.B ==> and in a situation it shows INVALID  , that means the plate number has not been properly registered, and in the case you have to go back to FRSC for proper registration.

Driving a vehicle without a valid plate number is wrong and can attract a hefty fine or getting your vehicle been impounded , so in other to prevent the wrath of officials from the FRSC , it is necessary you have a valid vehicle plate number with other necessary documents.

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