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How To Make Your Phone Battery Last Long

How To Make Your Phone Battery Last Long

Phone batteries are very essential , here is how to make your battery last long.

Mobile phones is one of the most used commodities  around the world , with different companies producing spec of phones.

How To Make Your Phone Battery Last Long

Millions of phone users , do encounter problems with their batteries at a later stage of using their phones.

Many phone users still  attributes that problem to the company , not knowing they are the genesis of their problems.

How To Make Your Phone Battery Last Long

How To Make Your Phone Battery Last Long

Here are some important things to avoid in other to enjoy your phone batteries


Every new phone comes with it’s charger , however in a case of whereby the follow come charger is faulty or got missing do not charge your phone with any how chargers.

Charging your phone with non recommendable charger might endanger your phone battery.

Most phone users are fond of  charging their phones with any charger they come across.

In case of faulty or missing phone charger , every owner is advice to visit a well recommended phone accessories store or visit where they purchase their phone if possible.


Inrespective of your phone battery capacity, the idea of always leaving your data ( internet connection ) on  has its own effect on your phone battery.

When your data ( internet connection ) is always on , you discover the rate in which your  battery drops is alarming.

Although everyone has their reasons for always leaving their data on , but while doing so , bare it in mind that you are killing your battery lifespan.


Optimizing you phone apps is another essential way in making your phone battery last longer .

In every phone , there are one or two apps which consumes power more than any other app .

However by optimizing your app, you get notification on your phone about apps consuming too much power which u can easily prevent them from consuming much power.

You can optimize you apps by going through your phone settings as phones differs from each other.


Every 8/10 of phone users are found of this mistake .

Over charging your phone on a regular basis  or leaving your phone to charge overnight is a very bad idea if you want  your phone power to always last long .

Most people do think charging their phones regularly helps keep their phone battery healthy without knowing the implications.

Meanwhile , if possible it is advisable you stop charging your phone until you get battery full signal.


99% do this on a regular basis, without knowing that they are endangering their battery.

It is advisable to stop using your phone while charging in other to protect your device.

N:B => it’s also not advisable to use your phone while charging it for safety precautions.

A phone without a good battery , is as good as nothing, therefore every phone user need to endeavor to protect their phone batteries.

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