How to reduce high rate of crime in the society

Criminal activities has been on high rate in the society of late , combating illegal act is a collective mission with needs the cooperation of both the locals in the community and security agencies.

Crime is an act of committing an action which is punishable by law , in other words crime is an unlawful act punishable by state or other law.

Before striving to eradicate Criminal activities , there are some important factors , that needs to be tackled as well , factors such as  what leads to Criminal activities, and  types of crime .

Factors leading to crime

Factors leading to criminal act in the society are many, but these are the most important factors leading to a Criminal act :-

poverty , peer pressure , drugs , politics , religion , unemployment , family condition , the society etc.

These are Important factors that leads to high level of  Criminal Activities in our society .

Types of crime in our society

Many forms of crimes do exist , but according to criminologist who grouped Criminal Activities  into various groups which includes :-

Property crime , violent crime , white-collar crime , organized crime and consensual crime.

How to reduce high rate of crime in the society
                   police at a crime scene


How to reduce Criminal Activities in our society

There are various ways of eradicating Criminal Activities in our neighborhood which are :-

* Intelligence gathering

Criminals are not aliens , they are members of our society , so definitely somebody must know about their Activities.

It is left for the government to provide a safe hub for citizens to freely share vital information with security agencies ,to help curb criminals illegal activities.

* Equipment upgrade and security training.

Providing necessary upgraded equipment to security personels will further help in the fight against Criminal Activities.

Most of this Criminals are in possession of sound equipment leaving security personels with unupgraded equipment helpless.

Meanwhile , giving security personels adequate training is very pivotal in the fight against Criminal act.

When security Agencies and the personels are adequately trained , criminals have no place to hide.

* Crime database 

Having a database for Criminals will help combat the alarming rate of Criminal activities.

When a database is in place to warehouse information on arrested , convicted , and prospective Criminals the high rate will reduce.

* criminal justice system 

An effective criminal justice system is Important for the maintenance of law and order.

When law is maintained , Criminals knows the law will definitely catch up with them and that would further discourage many to deceit from the act.

Reducing criminal activities will help make our society a better place for all to live without fear of the bad guys.

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