Impediment Of Coronavirus pandemic

Impediment Of Coronavirus pandemic

Impediment Of Coronavirus pandemic
Impediment Of Coronavirus pandemic

Pandemics have come and gone, notable pandemics have been recorded to have shaken the world and recently the world is fighting with another pandemic and this time it’s the Coronavirus nicknamed Covid-19.

Coronavirus started late last year in Wuhan China , before spreading globally to other part of the world this year.

Impediment Of Coronavirus pandemic

In March the world health organization ( (WHO) declared Coronavirus as a pandemic and not to be taken lightly, with countries taken different precautionary  measures to avoid the spread of the virus. We have seen countries closing their borders with other neighboring countries, we have seen countries put ban on travel and many more measures just to protect it’s citizens.

Pandemic impediments

Pandemics do come with various impediments , with countries trying to stable their economy after pandemics, here are some notable impediments of pandemics

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1. Economic Effects

After pandemics most countries, including world power like America and China do suffer from the pandemic impediments,  during pandemics country without financial powers tends to borrow from world bank or from another country. This funds are to be returned after pandemics. Every country has an international business partner, and generates funds through  ties between both nation , during the pandemic trades are unable to be completed with many country going into recession after pandemics. It can even takes some countries years to be economically stable and debt free after pandemics.

2. Hike in Commodities

We all know this particular aspect , because we do experience it even when there is no pandemic. Most times the government are not responsible for the hike cause they are also helpless in the situation, hike in Commodities are mostly papetrated by individuals trying to exploit the people using the pandemic as an excuse . We all are helpless when their is hike in Commodities but is something we all should embrace ourselves for cause its part of the impediments of pandemics.

3. Daily Activities

This is an aspect where everyone is affected , and helpless.  Daily life is been affected, restrictions on movement, the psychological effect , everything seems not be working with banks, churches , mosque , cinema  and some hospital are closed down as precautionary measures. Pandemics comes with more harm than good and that why nobody want to experience a pandemic but in the event that comes, we are all in the race to survive.

Impediments of pandemics varies depending on how prepared your country is , and how they handle the situation, Coronavirus started in Wuhan China but the government of China was able to put it under control .

Coronavirus has been responsible for he death of thousands of people’s across the world .

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