Important Fact About Election Everyone Needs To Know

Important Fact About Election Everyone Needs To Know.

Important Fact About Election Everyone Needs To Know.

Important Fact About Election Everyone Needs To know in order to make the right decision when voting.

Election is the act of electing a candidates to represent the people of a given country in the parliament.

Even into the executive and possibly into other arms of Government as stipulated in the constitution of that particular country.

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Important Fact About Election Everyone Needs To Know.

Inrespective of the system of government in a particular country , elections are always done and here are the importance of elections.

Functions of Election

* Change of Government : Elections makes it easier for the people to remove a bad Government from office.

* Election of Representatives : it gives elected representative the legitimate right to rule .

* Free choice of leaders : The people have free choice of electing leaders into different political offices.

* It ensures control and accountability : election provides the means of ensuring control and accountability of those who have been Elected.

* It fosters democracy : it creates the avenue for people to participate in the decision making of their country.

* To educate the electorate : people receive citizenship education and are also educated about their political rights.

* Legitimacy : Election confers legitimacy on the Elected Government in power .

* Used as a measurement : Result of elections can be used to measure the opinions of the people on issues of national importance.

* Competition : Elections promote competition amoung the political parties and even candidates. Competition is healthy and it may make for efficiency.

* Equality of votes : Elections enhances equality of vote of citizens, it is a case of one man, one vote .

* Types of policies : An election makes it possible for people to decide the type of policies that should be adopted by Government through party manifesto.

* Integration : election integrates various ethnic and political groups.

Important Fact About Election Everyone Needs To Know.

Important Fact About Election Everyone Needs To Know.

However despite the advantages of elections , here are a few disadvantages of Election you need to know :-

* Elections make for antagonistic group: elections can divide the country into antagonistic groups with different camps opposing one another.

* Disunity : Division of country for election purposes or people belonging to differents l political parties can cause disunity in the country.

* Wastage of Funds : A lot of money , materials, etc, are wasted conducting elections into different political offices.

* Election Rigging : Rigging may enthrone people of dubious intentions into Government.

* Uneven development : The party in Government may decide not to assist areas that did not vote or support them during elections.

This can result in uneven development of the country.

*Best materials may not be involved in the administration : They may withdraw from taking part in Elections. as a result of thuggery,intimidations, victimization,etc, that characterize elections.

*Marginalisation : Elections may still marginalise some groups in the society. This may cause disaffection in the political system.

However, there are different types of elections as every country is entitled to the type of election they practice.

Important Fact About Election Everyone Needs To Know.

Types Of Elections 

There are six types of elections in the world which includes :-

* Direct election, indirect election , run- off or second ballot , primary election , referendum , By – election.

* Direct Election 

Direct election involve the electorate ( voters) casting their votes directly in an election for candidates of their choice that will represent them either in the executive or legislature , without any interference.

Merit of Direct Election 

Merit of direct election Includes the following :-

* Restoration of voters right as they have the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidates.

*It is democratic , as it’s involves mass participation in political decision making of the country.

* Equality of vote , its promote the one man , one vote policy.

*Popular choice, Direct Election reflect popular choice of the people.

*It enhances dedication and hard work amoung candidates.

* It promote avenue for voters to know their prospective representative.

* It’s very simple to operate .

Demerit of Direct Election

* Illiteracy , those who cannot read or write get affected as they vote wrongly or blindly.

* Problems of rigging , direct election are easy to falsified to favour a particular candidate.

* Corrupt electoral officers , this have been a major concern in many countries , as Electoral officers connive with politicians to ensure succes for a particular party or candidate.

* Thuggery and intimidation , it can encourage violence , victimization of political Opponent.

* Poor turn out

* Inadequate security at polling stations.

Important Fact About Election Everyone Needs To Know.

Indirect Election 

in this system ,the voters elect the members of parliament ( law makers) and they the lawmakers will have to vote on behalf of the people to elect the president.

This system was used in the first Republic to elect the first president of Nigeria 1963  – 1966 . Nnamdi Azikiwe who was the first president of Nigeria

However this system is mostly operational in parliamentary system of government. Great Britain is a good example.

Merit of Indirect election

* Best qualified to vote , the legislators form an electoral college in indirect election. The possible advantage is that members of the college are seen as best qualified to elect leaders.

United States of America still uses the electoral college system to vote during their presidential elections.

* It’s less violent than direct election.

* They are well informed ,as members of the electoral college have the opportunity to examine the candidate before voting.

* Rigging , the chances of the election been rigged is vere low.

* Less costly than direct election..

Demerit of Indirect Election

* Undemocratic .

* No room for wilder political participation.

* Bribery and corruption.

* People’s will may be jeopardized

* Denial of people’s popular sovereignty.

* Violation of the principle of one man one vote

* Discontent

* Political apathy

* Imposition

* Corrupt Electoral officers.

Other Terms Associated with Election

* ByElection : This is an election that takes place to fill a vacant elective post as a result of disqualification , resignation or death of the individual holding that office.

The election takes place in the constituency,where there has been a vacancy. Therefore only the registered voters in the constituency are allowed to vote.

Run – off Election or second ballot :

When none of the candidates wins the election by absolute majority in a general election, another election would be conducted . In this final election,only the candidates with the highest votes are allowed to contest.

Primary Election :

This involves the political parties presenting candidates for any election in a country . It is an election conducted within a political party to choose credible candidate (s)  that can adequately represent the interest of the party in any Election.

Referendum :

Thus is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote of the people particularly on law in a given political system. Referendum ensures that laws not in conformity with the popular will are not passed. This is a useful check on the power of the legislature.

Every country has their system of election , and that why you need to know these important facts.


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