Important guide for Muslims observing Ramadan during the pandemic

This week muslim across the globe began observing Ramadan amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But this year Ramadan , might looks different due to the pandemic effect on almost everything .

Ramadan is a holy month among muslim faithfuls marked by fasting, prayer, reflection and community .

However , health expert has urge Ramadan observers to continue with the Covid-19 vaccination which is ongoing across the world as the fight against the pandemic is not yet won.

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Health expert are still of the believe that it’s still not safe to share suhoor, iftar and taraweeh with friends and family.

The group of health expert and community group are urging followers to mark Ramadan with caution, and have even issued guidance to follow .

Ramadan Covid-19 pandemic Guidelines

* Taking of vaccines as it’s won’t break your fast

One of the most important guidelines to help curb the spread of the pandemic during ramadan is to get vaccinated as it won’t break your fast.

According to an advisory signed by some 24 muslim community organisation has backed the vaccination suggestions.

* only going to mosque if your vaccinated

Only fully vaccinated people’s are free to go to mosque to attend prayers.

By doing so , the pandemic  spread rate would drastically reduce .

However hosting big gatherings of unvaccinated congregants under such conditions is a “very big risk “.

* You can still gather for iftar and taraweeh

Since it’s customary for Muslims to gather for suhoor (first meal of the day), iftar (first meal after sunset) and taraweeh (nightly communal prayers) with friends and family.

Health expert suggest this can still be possible so long as it’s a small gathering and adequate protocols are observed.

* If you do go to mosque, be smart about it

For both vaccinated and unvaccinated Ramadan observers , it’s advisable to be smart when you visit the mosque due to the pandemic.



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