Important plugins for wordpress site

Plugins for wordpress site is a very important component when creating a site either for your personal use or for business purposes.

WordPress is the easiest and flexible blogging and website content management system ( CSM )  for beginners.

It’s a web publishing software you can use to create a unique website or blogs with the help of  some must have plugins for wordpress site.

However knowing the Important plugins to install is very important as a single mistake of installing a wrong plugin might cause your website from malfunctioning or even exposing it to hacker’s treat.

This plugins have specific works they perform on your site , starting from making your site visible to search engines such as Goggle ,bing ,yahoo and other search engines.

While we have other plugins which aid your site in loading faster for your Visitors, blocking spam comment or link in your site , engaging your visitors with other of your post, and securing your site from hackers.

Must Have plugins for wordpress site

There are many website plugins to download but here are Some of the Important plugins for wordpress site to install


A very important plugin for any website , who cares to appear on search engines like goggle , bing , yahoo  and some other search engines as optimization of site is key.

Yoast plugin has a premium version however the free version is more than enough to get your site on search engines first page .

It’s a very easy to install plugin , and has been around since 2008 , with millions of download.


Spam has a very negative effect on any website , spam in comment section trying to get recognized by search engines or to maliciously get users information are blocked by this powerful plugin AKISMET.

Spam-blocking plugins identify these kinds of email comments and filter them out, leaving only legitimate comments for site runners to moderate.

Although Not all websites need spam blockers.


This enables your website or blog accelerate it’s loading time , making your site loading  speed better.

Having a site or blog which takes time to load would definitely scare away users from your site due to its loading time .

Installing the litespeed cache plugin is very important when setting up your website.


Site kit Goggle plugin gives you the advantage to enjoy everything goggle has to offer to your website.

It’s the official wordpress plugin from goggle which enables website owners for insight on how people find and uses their site .

Trusted and used by millions , sit kit Goggle is a vital plugin to install for wordpress.


Yet another related post plugin ( YARPP) is a professionally maintained and feature rich plugin that displays pages, posts, and custom post types related to the current entry, introducing your readers to other relevant content on your site.

It’s help engage your site visitors with other articles on your site .

There are millions of plugins out there , but the aformentioned are a must have plugins for wordpress site.

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