Important qualities of a clerical staff, and job description

Clerical staff job description are some tasks a clerk may be asked to do.

A clerk is a person who files letter’s , keeps records and does other jobs in an office .

For example in Nigeria , people who possess the west african school certificate can be employed as clerks and then trained on the job by going for courses at federal or state staff training school.

A clerical staff should possess personal and job qualities.

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Personal qualities of a clerk staff

* a sound educational background and a basic qualification which will help him understand what he is asked to do in the office.

if he does not understand English, for example, he will not be able to answer questions or perform the duties given to him.

* A good appearance which means that he has to be neatly dressed all the time.

if a clerical staff is dressed badly, it shows that the organisation is a careless one and people will not trust them.

That is why most bank clerks put on a tie to appear responsible.

* Good health ; if a clerical staff is sick all the time, the work in the office will not go on smoothly , thereby delaying the work that has to be done.

* The ability to answer questions properly and to listen to instructions .

If a clerical staff does not listen when someone is talking to him he will not be able to do the right thing.

* He must have the ability to improve his education in the future. Many new things happened in the office all the time so the clerical staff should be willing to receive more training on new machines for the betterment of the office.

* A clerical staff must be polite to people he comes in contact with during his job. if he is rude to people, they will have a very bad impression of the organisation and might not come again.

* A clerk staff must be able to communicate with other people either within or outside the organisation without problems so that they can understand him.

* He must have the ability to see what needs to be done and to start doing it without being told off first so this is what we call taking the initiative.

* clerk staff must be clever , and good at learning good things.

Job qualities of a clerical staff

Knowing the Job qualities of a clerk , is essential when thinking of becoming a successful clerical staff. These qualities includes :-

* A clerk must always come to the office on time and must not leave the office to go about visiting his friends.

A clerk must not come to the office after his boss has come into the office, he must be there first.

* Must be able to control himself and be pleasant even if a customer is been rude to him.

* Clerk must not gossip or tell the secrets of the office to other people . He must not discuss his boss with other people.

* Must carry out essential work that is done day-to-day without anybody having to tell him that he should do it. For example, filling letters , opening of mail, or sending mail to the post office .

He should not wait until he is asked to do these jobs before he does them everyday.

* A clerk must keep his office clean and tidy all the time , he should not allow pieces of paper to be on the floor, they must be put in the waste papper basket.

* A clerk talk softly in the office and must close doors gently without making making noise or banging the door after he goes out of the office.

* A clerical staff must have books that he can refer to , such as a dictionary which he can use when , for example, there is a problem with spelling or how to use a word in a sentence .

Important Clerical staff job description

These are the following kind of job , a clerical staff might be asked to do in the office.

* A clerk may be asked to open letters that come into the office and send the mail out to other offices in the organisation.

* May be asked to operate he telephone, and may even work on a switchboard as a telephone operator.

* A clerical staff may be asked to gather papers together and use a stapling machine or pins to put them together – ( collating ).

* May also do some typing work from time to time.

* A clerk may receive visitors to the office, ask them what they want or who they wish to see and finally direct them to the person they wish to see.

* May also be asked to make tea for his boss or his superior officers once or twice a day or at any time they want to take tea.

Meanwhile a clerical staff job description varies from the qualities a clerical staff should possess , but all of massive Importance to clerk staff’s.

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