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Important Things To Avoid During This Festive Season

Important Things To Avoid During This Festive Season

Important Things To carefully avoid  during this festive season.

Festive period are special but do come with its challenges and that is a very good reason why you need to read and understand this Important Things To Avoid.

Things To Avoid During This Festive Season

festive period is an annually recurring period recognized in many Western and other countries.

Important Things To Avoid During This Festive Season

However it is generally considered to run from November to early January .

During this period , everyone needs to be very careful and vigilant and here the Important Things To Avoid this period.

Important Things To Avoid During This Festive Season


Aside from festive season or an ordinary day, keeping late night is not an encouraging habit to be found of.

Meanwhile late night keeping during this festive period has a greater level of risk than an ordinary day.

However Staying outside late might expose you to kidnappers or arm robbers ,which will automatically put your life in danger.

During this festive season especially it is advisable to avoid late night as much as you can or look for someone to keep you company.

* Avoid Unnecessary Lift

This particular one is very important, both male and female should avoid entering lift from a stranger.

Ladies are most likely to be the victims of this , kidnappers uses this method frequently while arm robbers are not left out as well .

The world is a wicked place , although they are still good people’s out there but one needs to be careful especially during this festive season.

* Using  Of ATM Machine At Night 

Apart from an emergency situation , it is advisable to stop the use of ATM machine at night during this period especially in an remote area.

This atm machine site are always a key point for arm robbers to look for you to devo.

Preferably aviod this practice for the time being.

* Receiving Of Calls In An Unsecured Environment.

Your call might wake up a sleeping enemy most especially when the area is Unsecured.

Festive Season are special to everyone , but one must not lose guard as many unforseen incident do happens.

Kindly share this information with your friends and family .

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