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Important Things To Know About Road And Car Accident

Important Things To Know About Road And Car Accident

Important things to know About Road and car Accident .

According to the world health organization  (WHO)  global report on road safety 2013, road and car Accidents , injuries is the 8th leading causes of death globally and by 2030.

Important Things To Know About Road And Car Accident

It is expected to become the 5th leading cause of death unless  a significant action is being taken .

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Tips On How To Help Victims Of Road Accident 

Here are some emergency help to be rendered to a victim of accident

The first thing is to put the patient off the site and check if he or she is still breathing or not . If yes , then put the victim on his back and don’t surround him closely.

one should find out if there is any visible bleeding. If yes,then one should cover the bleeding area and press until help arrives.

*Do not try to feed the victim with water or food , also Ensure that there is nothing like food particles in his mouth.

Dont pull the victim by holding his or her legs or hand. If there is any visible fracture or deformity ,then one should support the area with a hard surface like wood or wooden plate under the affected part.

in case the victim is not breathing , then try to open his or her mouth gently. If you notice there is anything ( like blood) in his mouth ,then take a cloth and clean it. If the victim is not still breathing , the mouth to mouth breathing is required .

Open the mouth ,seal your lips with the victims ,close the nostrils, and breathe in his mouth ,keep doing it until help arrives.

EAR – A technique to restart a person’s breathing.

EAR also known as Expired Air Resuscitation is a technique that is used to restart a person’s breathing in the case of an accident

There are mainly three types of EAR




Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation  (CPR)

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR ) is a very important tools when it comes to saving someone’s life. It is a technique that involves both restarting a person’s hearth as well as their breathing.

What To Do If You Are Involve In Road Or Car Accident

In the event of been involved in an accident here is quick and important thing u need to do .

* Check yourself first

* Check the other person (s) for injuries

* Look for signs of breathing

* Check for obstructions in the person’s mouth and throat .

* Perform life savings techniques

* Call for help

Tips On How To Survive Car Accident

Although nobody plans to have an accident, but accident is part of life ,and this is how you can survive a car accident with a little bit of luck on your side.

* Seek to protect your head, Broken bones and Internal bleeding  can be serious , but head injuries are commonly life threatening.

Doing what you can do to avoid sustaining a head injury could save your life.

Covering your head with your arms immediately, so that your forehead is in the crook of your elbows and palms are at the back of your head.

Meanwhile trying to position your body so that the impact of the crash does not come near your head. Above all try to avoid having your head anywhere near the wheels of the car.

* Aim for the safety glass .

The safety glass in all newer cars, is a shelter – proff and can act as a ” cushion”, absorbing the energy of the impact , and hopefully breaking the glass and not you.

* Try to get on top of the hood.

Rolling on top of the car is still dangerous and will probably cause injury,but it is better than ending up on the ground and having the car roll over you.

Jumping a bit as the car bears you is also a pivotal task to make.

At slower speeds, you can attempt go on to the hood and over the cab on foot. This is probably the best way if you are expecting it or if you are being targeted by the driver

Important things to know about Road and car accident

Avioding  A Car Accident

For future- Proofing yourself against accidents the following designated guildline is recommended

Stay on designated Walkway

Sidewalks and cross walk are generally save for pedestrians on the road ., So try to use them whenever possible.

If you cannot walk on a sidewalks, walk so that you are facing oncoming traffic.

*Watch for Traffic

Many Accident are caused because the victim have looked down on this aspects, most road users at times just cross the road the road without looking for coming vehicles and this is common among children.

Look right and left before crossing any road,even if the your working of the crosswalk section and the road signal is green .

Make yourself Visible to drivers

Ensuring that motorist have a clear picture of you on the road can actually help reduce the number of Accident on our road.

Some road users are pretty found of recklessly storming the road unexpectedly with even looking or thinking about the possibility of been hit by a motorist.

Road users are expected to Ensure that motorist can see you well enough in advance in order to steer away from a potential accident . This aspects is rampantly common among the children and the elderly ones in the society.

* When in doubt , do not cross 

Many people have lost their life’s because of ignoring this aspect . Life has no duplicate and that why you don’t need to use  or cross the road when your in doubt.

Some car victims are also responsible for their predicament of always been in a hurry to beat the traffic without thinking of the consequences.

If you suspect that the driver cannot see you ,or that you might not be able to make it across the street or end of the road in time to avoid traffic ,it’s always worth waiting it out to ensure your safety First.

With this carefully written guide on Road and car accident ,you can help reduce the numbers on the road by educating  the younger ones and sharing it with friends and family.


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