Jorginho does not hold back on frank Lampard

Jorginho on frank Lampard has caused stir among chelsea supporters as the italian midfielder slam former chelsea manager.

The italian midfielder who limited to game time during frank Lampard reign has taken a dig to criticize the club legend turned coach frank Lampard.

Jorginho on frank Lampard

Jorginho during an interview said “He skipped some steps necessary for learning before moving to a big club… I think he came too soon and wasn’t ready for a job at this level, to be honest.”

The italian doesn’t think Frank Lampard was ready to be Chelsea boss.

Meanwhile that since the sack of Lampard , new manager thomas Tuchel have preferred the Jorginho , Kovacic and mount combination meaning more game time for the italian defensive midfielder.

However what goes around , turns around as frank Lampard in 2014 criticized Andre villas boas after he was relieved of his duty.

Jorginho does not hold back on frank Lampard
            Frank Lampard in 2014

Lampard in 2014 said ”  The players had no part in his dismissal ,he played his cards and they didn’t work. Maybe he was too young and maybe the job was too soon for him “

Although frank Lampard is yet to respond to Jorginho criticism as the english man is still out without a job.

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