Jose Mourinho Finally Settles GOAT Debate Names The Real Football’s Greatest Of All-Time

Usually, the GOAT debate boils down to two names – Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. But not for Jose Mourinho.

When asked who the best player ever is, the Roma manager said: “Ronaldo, El Fenomeno. Cristiano and Leo have had longer careers, they have remained at the top every day for 15 years.

“However, if we are talking strictly about talent and skill, nobody surpasses Ronaldo [Nazario].

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“When he was at Barcelona with Bobby Robson, I realised that he was the best player I’d ever seen take to the field.

“Injuries killed a career that could have been even more incredible, but the talent that that 19-year-old boy had was something incredible”

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