Jurgen Klopp On Replacing Gini Wijnaldum At Liverpool

Liverpool manager jurgen klopp on replacing gini Wijnaldum at the club following the exit of the dutchman from anfield .

Wijnaldum brought his time at Liverpool to an end following the end of his Liverpool contract after failing to extend his contract.

Jurgen Klopp On Replacing Gini Wijnaldum

“You don’t have to hide the relationship of Gini, how much I loved his way of playing, how reliable he was as a player. But he’s not here anymore.

“You tell me, if you would sign a midfielder, tell me a name? We can count our midfielders and you tell me we need to replace Gini. Hendo and Thiago haven’t been involved in pre-season apart from a week, we played quite a few games with Milner, Naby Keita and Harvey, we have another midfield that played that was Oxlade, Fabinho, Curtis Jones. Curtis is another player who can and will make the next step and is an exceptional talent.

Jurgen Klopp On Replacing Gini Wijnaldum

“Different profiles, now you tell me which player we need? What should the player have? Should he score more goals that Gini? Should he defend better than Fab? Should he be more creative than Naby, Curtis, Ox, Harvey? What do you want?

“So he should score more goals? Okay. Makes sense. I don’t know which midfielder it is then that scores more goals from that position than the boys we have. We’ve never said we don’t have to improve – we have to improve – but to score more goals from midfield positions you have to create the situations for that.

“You can’t just say we need a midfielder to score more goals, if a midfielder plays for us it’s not that easy they are always in goalscoring situations, they have to do different jobs, we have a specific set-up of our team, you see where our full-backs are and who is in the box. We could have scored more goals, yes, but it’s not about different players, it’s about different positioning in that situation, and our boys can do that.

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp On Replacing Gini Wijnaldum

“I really understand it. I’m in my sixth year here, and apart from the year we signed Ali and Virg, it was always the same. It looks always like we don’t sign enough and don’t do enough. We work constantly on improving the team and one part of it is signing new players. the most important thing, and I think our fans appreciate it as well, is having a group together who is fun to watch, exciting to watch, is fighting together, who is definitely 100% committed to the club and the values of the club. We have that. Let’s fight with all we have and whatever happens until the end of the transfr window we will see.

“We cannot compare with the other clubs, they obviously don’t have any limits. We have limits. But we were quite successful even when having limits in the last few years and that’s what we shall try again and not use it as an excuse.

“If we don’t win a game we won’t say ‘it’s because we didn’t sign him or him’. That will not be the case. We want to use our sources – that’s passion, a good way, desire, a clear plan, direction, flexibility. That’s our football, that’s what we want to use. Let’s see which is the right way. We cannot spend money we don’t have. We cannot, maybe others can, but we can’t. That’s it. That’s my information.”

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