La Liga ‘won’t concede’ In Barcelona Saga As Lionel Messi Saga Continues

LaLiga won’t concede in barcelona contract saga as Lionel Messi Contract renewal stretches toward the start of the new LaLiga season.

Lionel messi who is now a free agent is still in negotiations with barcelona who are eager to resign the six times ballon D’or winner who is also considering other options .

Should the argentine decides to resign , the world best player is up for a massive pay cut as the club tries to balance their financial book.

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After being found guilty of operating significantly over La Liga’s wage rulings, Barcelona were hit with a punishment that meant they were not allowed to register any new players before they had seriously reduced the amount they fork out on wages.

LaLiga ‘won’t concede’ In Barcelona Saga

Due to the fact that Messi’s previous contract had expired at the end of last season, he was set to renew and commit his future to the Camp Nou to prolong his 21-year stay.

However, in the period between the expiration of Messi’s previous contract and before he had the chance to sign a new one, La Liga slapped Barca with the wage-related punishment.

La Liga 'won't concede' In Barcelona Saga As Lionel Messi Saga Continues

As a result, just like a number of other new signings, Messi has been unable to be registered as a Barca player, with the new season now under two weeks away.

If recent reports are to be believed, Barcelona could have yet another issue to deal with, as La Liga are rumoured to be investigating whether the money they have cleared from their wage bill thus far has been done in a fair and legitimate manner.

Barca club president Joan Laporta has pleaded with La Liga officials, claiming: “We want more flexibility from the league to be able to include more signings.

“The negotiations with Messi are well under way, but we are fixing several issues on both sides.”

Unfortunately for Laporta, he is unlikely to find any sympathy from those over at La Liga headquarters, who have a number of reasons as to why they may not be in any great rush to help Barca.

The first of which is the fact that the ruling surrounding the wages could only be modified if all other clubs voted in favour of doing so, something Barcelona know won’t happen due to the fact they have presented that idea only to be rebuffed earlier this year.

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