Lagos Resident Cries Out Over Okada Ban

Lagos Residents Cries out over Okada Ban

Lagosians cries out over okada ban
Motorcycle rider at their park , waiting for customers

Lagos Residents  have cried out over ban of okada in the state by the state government.

The ban on motorcycle came as a surprise to many Lagos residents as it’s a major means of transportation in the state .

While speaking to some residents a man who requested to remain anonymous said   ” I am a civil servant who works with the Government , I go to Alahausa on a daily basis  and I use the motorcycle to beat some of the early morning road traffic while going to work ”

We also came across one Mr Samuel who happens to be a motorcycle rider , He lamented over the ban saying he provides for his family from the stipend he makes from riding okada, he further disclose that ever since the ban he and his family have been living from hand to hand.

Lagos cries over okada ban ,meanwhile the state government has since maintained that the ban maintain that it’s a right step to follow due to the disorderliness caused by the motorcycle riders

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The Government further emphasis that banning okada will help reduce crime rate , as many criminals use this motorcycle in papetrating  their evil deed.

Since the ban of motorcycle in Lagos State the road safety department has announced a significant decrease in recorded road accident in the state .

Lagos residents are still finding it  hard to adapt to life without motorcycle in state as million of residence uses okada as a means of transportation.

With some reports suggesting that the  state government are in court over the ban of motorcycle in the state with some shake holders , it is still a matter of time to see if the state government will surcom to pressure or maintain their stand.

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  2. […] ALSO READ : lagos residents cries out over okada ban […]

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