Lionel Messi Net Worth And Lifestyle 2021

Lionel messi net worth and lifestyle following the argentine switch from fc barcelona to Ligue 1 giant paris saint-germain in the summer .

After failing to agree on a new term with barcelona the six times ballon D’or winner ended his long Association with the club paving way for him to the psg.

Earlier this year, forbes announced that football superstar cristiano ronaldo, has become a billionaire. hinting at the fact that cristiano’s longtime rival, lionel messi is likely to join the billionaire club in few months to come.

Lionel messi net worth and lifestyle

Well, it seems they are right, because earlier this week it was reported that six-time ballon d’or winner, lionel messi became only the second footballer to cross the one billion dollar mark through career earnings .

This year, the argentine striker topped the chats for the highest annual footballers in 2020, despite the fact that messi accepted a salary pay cut due to the covid-19 pandemic. This dealing didn’t stopped him from raking him.

Lionel Messi Net Worth And Lifestyle 2021

A whopping 127 million dollars becoming the highest earnings soccer player ahead of cristiano ronaldo and neymar. Here is a look at how lionel messi become the second football billionaire in history .

Career earnings. Although lionel messi began his barcelona senior career in 2004, it didn’t, take long for the club to realize that the young argentine was head and shoulders above the rest of the players emerging through la marcia in 2007.

At just 20 years of age, messi signed a contract extension with the spanish giants, which saw him earn around £116,000 per week. At such a tender age, messi was already one of the highest paid players at the club.

Ever since then, lionel messi has gone on to make millions each year and featured regularly in forbes annual list of the top 10 highest-paid football players in 2015 messi’s salary totaled, 58.8 million dollars.

but has almost doubled over the past five years, raises Current fixed salary at barcelona is around 92 million dollars, but with bonuses and winning trophies that figure early rises, part two bonuses from trophy wins and personal awards.

Over his 16 years as a professional footballer, lionel messi has won several club trophies, including telegraphy churchills, six corporate array, seven spanish super cup, four uefa champions league and two uefa super cup and three fifa club world cup.

The prolific footballer has also won several personal awards, including six times ballon d’or six european golden shoes; six pichichi trophies . fifa world player of the year, fifa world cup golden ball , and men’s football olympic medal.

Lionel Messi Net Worth And Lifestyle 2021

Messi earns huge money in endorsement and sponsorship deals. Leonel messi has backed several investment deals with famous brands like Oredo gatorade lace, Fifa, MasterCard and Pepsi in 2017, messi signed a lifetime deal with Adidas, which reportedly paid messi about 12 million dollars per year.

This contract is said to be lifetime, meaning messi will keep making money from adidas till the day he dies.

Personal brands and businesses, Lionel messi also earns big from his personal brands and businesses, like the lionel messi fashion brand.

The prolific superstar launched his own clothing line and opened his first retail outlet. The messi store in september 2019 in barcelona.

Messi also owns two luxury hotels. All located in the mediterranean resorts of stages was 26 million euros, a wall located in ibiza, spain, 2017.

A spanish company announced plans to develop a 170 million euro theme park called the messi experience park in nanjing, china,

Messi alao earn through social media presence being the best ever at the world’s. Most popular sport is a guaranteed way to gather social media followers and messi has a lot of them.

On facebook, messi’s, 104 million followers trail only behind long time, rivals cristiano ronaldo who also has 149 million followers on instagram making him the third. Most followed male celebrity behind cristiano, ronaldo and dwayne johnson.

Lionel messi Car Collections

personal life, a luxury lifestyle from expensive cars, huge mansions to private jets, lionel messi has got them all aside from his three beautiful children and stunning beautiful wife, antonella roccuzzo, the only messi’s insane car collection Include a 1957 ferraris feathers, cagletti, an audi r8 spider, a range rover, vogue, a cadillac escalade, an audi q7, a maserati gran, turismo, a ferrari f430 spider and a pagani zondate liu korori messi also owns two luxury mansions one in spain and one in argentina.

His house in spain is extremely gorgeous with environmental constraints put at its core.

The house, which overlooks the mediterranean ocean is located in the park natural delgaraf in galwa.

The incredible football shaped mansion was designed by luis garrido, a famous spanish architect.

The beautiful mansion has a swimming pool, a playground, an outdoor dining area and a small football pitch for a man with a network of one billion dollars. Owning a private jet is nothing out of the ordinary messi owns a 25 million golf screen v private jet.

Interestingly, the soccerstar has the names of his wife and children printed on the footsteps of the aircraft.

On charity work ,  messi has his own charitable organization, the leo messi foundation, and has long been active with unicef, for whom he was named an ambassador in 2010.

Additionally, messi has helped lead a global initiative for the world health organization aimed at stopping the spread of covid-19.

So this is a little breakdown of Lionel Messi net worth for the year 2021


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