Nigeria Aviation Stakeholders Want Removal Of Expiry Date From Airline Certificate

The Nigeria aviation stakeholders are seeking for amendments of the aviation act to get rid of expiry date on  Air Operators Certificate issued by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.
The stakeholders made the plea during the 25th Annual Conference and Award Ceremony organised by the League of Aviation and Airports Correspondents in Lagos on Thursday.
West Link Airlines chairman , Capt. Ibrahim Mshelia, disclosed the necessity to amend the Civil Aviation Act to get rid of the Air Operators Certificate expiry date.

Nigeria Aviation Stakeholders Updates

With the conference themed, ‘Nigeria’s Aviation Industry: Management, Policy and Regulation’.
Chairman of the conference, urged industry players to take a cue from other developed aviation industries across the world by removing the expiry date in the Air Operators’ Certificate issue to local airlines.
Mshelia said a change within the established order where there was a blanket issuance procedure of AOC for giant , small, or large airline operations was necessary.
He said, “With the irregularities within the procurement procedures and therefore the operational limits of AOC holders in Nigeria, there’s an urgent got to amend our act and policy in this area.
“This move is to empower the civil aviation to also break down certification processes of our commercial operations.
“Under this technique , the roles of other segments of operators that also are entitled, by law, to work commercial operations, unfettered as guaranteed by ICAO, aren’t spelt out.”
Mshelia said that in certifying the operators, however, one checklist was getting used for all, adding that there was a requirement to enforce the norms and do all that was required to form the aviation sector conform with global norms.
Mr Femi Adeniji, chief military officer of TAL Helicopters explained that in other countries just like the us as an example , AOCs were acquired for all times unless such an airline had issues that grounded its operations for years.
Femi stressed that an equivalent might be replicated in Nigeria, urging NCAA to amend its regulations and put them in tandem with developments round the world.

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