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Online Banking: Consider the controversy over Islam’s use of POS for business?

 The use of POS for money making in Nigeria, either by sending money or receiving money, has created a lot of controversy among some Muslims in Nigeria.

Some say that it is Haram for the owner of the POS machine to charge interest from its customers, because Islam is not a religion that harms people.

But other people are saying that there is nothing wrong with that.

The controversy erupted after a sermon preached by an Islamic theologian in Adamawa State, Sheikh Abubakar Muktar on the use of POS technology.

Online Banking: Extra Charges is against Islam

Sheikh Abubakar said it was against Islamic law for POS traders to charge interest on the amount they send, or pay their customers to make a profit.

Although it is not uncommon for modern store owners to use a POS machine, the issue has been leaked online.

This is why the BBC contacted Islamic scholars, to find out exactly what the religion says about the use of POS.

An expert, Sheikh Aminu Daurawa, said the use of POS was a legitimate investment, so there was nothing wrong with profiting from it.

Online Banking: Consider the controversy over Islam's use of POS for business

“If you want to go to the bank to get money, it will cost you money before you get there, so it is not bad to pay less to get money in front of your house from a POS machine dealer,” he said.

In the case of Sheikh Bashir Aliyu Umar, the Imam of Al-Furqan Mosque, who is also a banker, it is a great mistake to oppose the use of POS as a Muslim.

Sheikh Bashir said POS traders are bank representatives, so it is not bad if they are making a small profit on the work they do.

Islam Against Extra Money Added on Online banking

Responding, Sheikh Ibrahim Khali, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kano, said POS traders were like government employees who were paid.

He explained that the money they were fighting on each transaction was their reward.

He said “the problem we have is that this kind of thing is strange to our people, but there is nothing wrong with a POS dealer taking money from his customer for the work he does.

Sheikh Nuru Khalid, too, said the positive thing about POS is that it has made life easier for many people, and has given many Muslims an unparalleled advantage.

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