Presidential election underway in Congo amid internet shutdown

Presidential election underway as congolese heads to the polls to decide who rules the countries affairs.

Long serving president Sassou Ngueso has been tip to win the election as many opposition candidate by cut the election.

Ngueso is amoung the longest serving president in the world having ruled for 36 years and looks  favourites to extend his stay in power ( running for his fourth term in office ).

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Meanwhile , internet in Congo was shut down this morning before election commenced , with top aides citing it’s for security purposes after a tip off over an insurgency attempt in the country.

However opposition parties are boycotting the elections , due to election process they claimed not to be transparent.

Presidential election in congo

In the early hours  when the election kicked off in Congo , military personnel where allowed to vote , a move opposition parties tagged  ” unprofessional ” .

Well known opposition candidate Guy- Brice Pakfaits Kolelas , who is looking to dispose Ngueso from winning his fourth term bid is currently battling with Covid-19 .

Kolelas from his sick bed called on his fellow compatriots , urging them not to buycott the elections, he pleaded with them to head to the poll to cast their vote for his sake , in other to stop Ngueso oppressive method of ruling .

During a quick accessment from a reporting journalist from Al Jazeera in the countries capital brazzaville , citizens when afraid to appear on tv , neither any of them would agree to talk to the media or anything related to politics.

Ngueso have been accused of jailing any of his political critics , an accusation which seems to true.

nblog will be bringing in more details of the elections as it unfolds .

With the outcome of the presidential election yet unknown , congolese are in a state of internet shutdown, making the election not easy to be monitored by external bodies.

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