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Reasons behind Unemployment

Reasons behind Unemployment in Nigeria

Reasons behind unemployment in Nigeria

Unemployment has been a global pandemic which every country suffers from,while many countries don’t have solutions to this problem,some blames their government for not doing more to tackle the problem but interestingly here are some reasons increasing the number of unemployment

1. Course

Statistics shows that the most studied course in Nigeria universities is mass communication , millions of student tend to study a course with less difficulty forgetting the impact it would have on the labour market demand,every year millions of student graduated with very good results without securing a job for themselves due to the lower job vacancy not been able to meet the high demands of applicant , so while enrolling into the university you should see a consultant for guidance.

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In as much as most of the blames goes to the government, parent are not exceptional so they also deserves part of the blame, most parent can’t remember the last time they check up on their children in the university, all they do is provide money and foodstuffs without asking their children about School , check their academic performance paving way for the children to misbehave and live a very bad lifestyle on campus and at the end , the child is unable to finish school or comes out with poor grades then they blame everything on the government.

2. Unable to defend grades

This is where millions of Nigerian student fails woefully, after applying for jobs in numerous big companies,this companies would definitely invite you for interview, for you to defend your grades in front of some of the companies executives, you find out millions of them can’t even defend their first class certificate, yet they blame the government for not providing jobs.

Reasons Behind Unemployment in Nigeria

4. Appearance

This is a factor most people’s don’t look at, your appearance also has a pivotal role it plays,thou many would say it’s doesn’t matter but truly it matters. No boby want to employ a rascal as an employee, so when applying for a job your appearance should come first before your grades because their is this adage that goes like this ” first impression is the lasting impression ” dress smartly not rugged, for the men have a nice hair cut ,for the ladies keep your hair clean then smell fresh .

5. Composure

This is where some failed in getting their dream jobs, because they get nervous and panic when applying for jobs making some unable to defend their good grades. Just relax and take a deep breath will go a long way



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