Reasons some Canadians Are Refusing covid-19 shot

Some Reasons canadians are refusing  covid-19 shot despite Canada’s vaccine campaign has been crushing it lately, with an impressive 80 per cent ratio of eligible Canadians have had one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

This milestone is contradicted , with over six million canadians haven’t had a single shot , as health experts warns over Possible surge in the deadly virus which have claim millions of life’s since it’s emergence in wuhan china .

There has been a dip in number of canadians been vaccinated in a single day , with the ratio declining from the previous 185,000 to 50,000 According to CBC NEWS .

Reasons some Canadians Are Refusing covid-19 shot
Canadians protesting against having covid-19 jab over numerous fears

Some unvaccinated resident have be interviewed and a lot of mix question as been ask , as some still doesn’t believe the process.

Many of the unvaccinated canadians say they are concerned about safety and a Possible side effects later on .

With some saying they are not happy with the current products on offer.

Another group of unvaccinated resident have a needle-related phobia that can make getting a shot a frightening experience for them .

While Some have severe allergies to the vaccine components.

With Some rural Canadians have had trouble with access to the vaccine.

Canada ordered the J&J shot — 300,000 doses where delivered few month ago , but it’s seems some canadians are refusing covid-19 shot with reasons best know to them

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