Reasons We Should All Fight Against Racism

I can't breathe

Reasons We Should All Fight Against Racism.

Reasons We Should All Fight Against Racism
I can’t breathe

There is urgency in the race to kick against Racism , it shouldn’t be part of us , it’s shouldn’t be part of our community, Racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. Racism is a global pandemic without a vaccine at moment , Racism has been the order of the day anywhere.

Millions of people’s suffers from Racism due to different reasons, of which some of this reasons, might be because of your nationality, ethnicity , religion , skin colour and lot more.

Racism shouldn’t be part of us

We all have a role to play in the fight against racism.

Racism can happen anywhere , school, church, mall , Bar , restaurant  and other place and that why a stricter measure needs to be put in place just as most football clubs has been doing. Notable players to have suffered from Racist chant are Mario Ballotelli , Dani Alves , and Raheem Sterling, irrespective of who you are Nobody is above to be jeered at in the world full of racism.

Reasons We Should All Fight Against Racism
Stop Racism

The urgency to get rid of Racism should be a global concern because we have seen countries come under attack due to excessive Racist attack, South Africa came under global pressure during the xenophobia attacks on other national , where innocent people’s where killed unlawfully, properties were destroyed , The south african economy was shaking globally also The United States of America is another country know for it’s high rate of Racist activities, Recently Donald Trump’s tweet on twitter was flagged as a “Racist Tweet” while recently the death of George Floyd in the hands of white cops has sparked series of protests, destruction of properties in the United States and a global outrage over how George Floyd died .

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Reasons we should say no to Racism

Here are some reasons why we all have to kick against this unwanted act

Unwanted killings and destruction of properties

Racism has claimed lots of innocent lives in the world, a country where there is racism, stand the chance of experiencing unwanted killings and destruction of properties in the society, when the xenophobia attacks started in South Africa hundreds of lives were lost and properties worth millions of dollars were destroyed, it’s even obvious that George Floyd was treated badly by the cops due to his skin colour leading to his death with properties destroyed across the United States of America.

Promotion of peace, love and Harmony

People’s should learn to live in peace and Harmony with everybody around them irrespective of skin colour, nationality, religion and so on. Racism breaks the Peace and love people’s have for themselves, making their environment inhabitable, spreads hatred and all this are factors leading to conflict in the society.

Promote Security

When racism isn’t part of your social it’s helps promote Security  in the society, a society where one could go out freely and secured without facing any danger. In most of these countries where people suffers from Racism , there are always lapses when it’s come to security.

Boost In Economy

Racism also affect economy geowth, the south African economy was affected due to the xenophobia attacks on other nationals , nobody want to invest in an economy where he or she will be Racially abused and faces potential danger due to Racism , Racism causes more harm than good and shouldn’t be part of our community.

When businesses are closed down or been destroyed due to Racism , the economy get affected .

Say No To Racism

we are all in the fight against Racism, a Racist shouldn’t be allowed in our community, together we can stop Racism and give those people’s who has lost their life due to Racism justice, in America as of today the call for Justice  to be giving to the George Floyd family has sparked series of protests. No matter your skin colour, religion, national we all should always know that we are one .

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