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Requirements For Vehicle To Be Roadworthy

Requirements For Vehicle To Be Roadworthy

For a vehicle to be Roadworthy , there are some important requirements that vehicle needs to posses.

Vehicle Roadworthiness  is a ability of a car, bus, truck or any kind of automobile to be in a suitable operating condition or meeting acceptable standards.

for safe driving and transport of people, baggage or cargo in roads or streets, being therefore street-legal.

10 Important Requirements For Vehicle To Be Roadworthy

 1, Brakes :  foot brakes and parking break are vere essential if you want your vehicle to be deem Roadworthy.

Foot brakes must stop a car within a distance of 8m at a speed of 32km/h while a parking brake should be adequate to stop and hold a car.

10 Important Requirements For Vehicle To Be Roadworthy

2, Light : a car deemed worthy of using the using the road must have a working headlights, taillights , brake lights, Turn signals , Reflectors and a parking lights.

Headlights : one on each side on the front beam .

Tail lights : All vehicles must be equipped with two tail lights.

Brake lights : vehicles must be with two working brake lights ( stop lights ).

Turn signal : Every motor vehicle , trailer , semi trailer and a pole trailer must be equipped with electric turn signals.

Reflector : Two reflectors, one on each side of a car ( May be in combination with taillights) placed at a height of .4m up to 1.5m and visible up to 15m .

Reflections must be visible up to 105m on vehicles.

3, Horn : must have a working Horn , loud enough to heard at a distance of 60m.

4, Muffler : A muffler and exhaust system must be equipped with an exhaust emission system to help reduce air pollution.

5, Plate : Must have one valid plate at the front and one at the rear of passenger and commercial vehicles except motorcycle that are only issued one number plate .

6, Windshield wiper : For safety in bad weather.

7, Rearview Mirror : must be located as to be able to reflect a view of the highway for a distance of at 60m to rear of the vehicle.

8, Body : General body must be in good shape.

9, Tyres : All vehicles are required to be equipped with tyres that are in proper and safe conditions with a minimum tread depth of 2/32nds of an inch.

10,  Engine : must be in good condition.

Benefits of Roadworthy vehicle

Meanwhile Having a vehicle certified as Roadworthy comes with some numerous advantage which includes :-

Minimizes breakdown on our roads thereby giving way to free flow traffic.

Increases customer / business base ( Commuter services).

Vehicles safer and more reliable.

Reduces accidents rate on our roads.

Enhances reputation and reliability.

Reduces major expenses caused by vehicle breakdown and collisions.

Increases driver safety , passenger safety , and working environment.

Saves fuel and money as mechanical system of the vehicle affect fuel efficiency.

Minimizes harmful exhaust emissions and protect the environment.

Increases the resale value of your vehicle.

Having a vehicle that is Roadworthy , should be a major priority to every car owner .

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