Wayne Rooney Finally Reveals Why He Turned Down Everton Job Despited Being Offered to Him

Football managers have almost become disposal as clubs scurry around trying to appoint new ones whenever things show signs of going downhill.

Loyalty in the modern game is very rare but Wayne Rooney is rightfully a class apart from the rest.

The Manchester United legend was asked to interview for the Everton job. The chance of returning to his boyhood club as the boss sounds tantalizing but Rooney turned it down.

Quoted by the BBC, Rooney explained: “Everton approached my agent and asked me to interview for the job.”

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“Turned down. I believe I will be a Premier League manager and am ready for that 100%.

“But I have a job at Derby [County], which is important to me.”

Despite Derby’s financial struggles, Rooney’s loyalty towards the club is truly commendable.

Meanwhile, Everton have reportedly reached an agreement with former Chelsea player and manager Frank Lampard to take over their managerial position.

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