Super league : a dream that never came to past

Super league a dream world that never came to existence as pressure from all corners of football fraternity sinks it’s survival hopes.

The football world was thrown into frenzy after making an uncalled for  annoucement .

Earlier this week the european super league announcement came as a shock to the football world with some clubs going ahead to register their interest in Participating.

An interest that bowed to pressure from players,fans,clubs,coaches,Uefa, and even Fifa

Within hours of annoucing the super league , clubs like Real Madrid , Barcelona , Athletico Madrid , Chelsea , Manchester United , Manchester City , Tottenham , Liverpool ,Arsenal , Ac Milan , Juventus and Inter Milan  Announced their interest in the league which never came to existence.

Protest from club fans , online criticism , forced the aforementioned clubs to withdrew their interest from the sinked league.

With Participating club presidents been labeled being ” Selfish ” for their own personal gain and not having their fans at heart, labelling the propose league ” a disgrace to football “.

Among players who criticized the proposed league was Mesut Ozil , Toni kross and most notably Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson who rallied all premier league clubs captains to an emergency meeting.

With various leagues FA threatening to impose  sanction on clubs who agreed to join the supper league , the german league was exceptional as no club from the bundesliga joined the league.

UEFA and FIFA  were also preparing to slam cubs and players with sanction for joining the propose league.

An event which has seen some top figures  departing from their roles  in their  various clubs .

It’s yet to be confirmed if the clubs who withdrew from Participating from the league would face any domestic sanctions from their various league FA.

With the withdrawal and collapse of the propose league , the super league would be remembered as a dream for few, which never came into existence.


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