Abramovich’s Latest Role In Russian-Ukraine Conflict Finally Revealed As The Chelsea Owner Suffers Mysterious Symptoms

According to The Times, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is stepping up his involvement in talks to end the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian billionaire traveled to Kyiv, where he met Ukraine President Zelensky, and then to Moscow, where he met Russian President Putin.

Abramovich gave Putin a ‘handwritten note’ from Zelensky, detailing a set of terms to stop the war. But Putin rejected Zelensky’s note, saying to Abramovich: “Tell him I will thrash them.”.

But Abramovich continued his under-radar diplomacy in Istanbul, Turkey. He met with the Ukrainian Member of Parliament Rustem Umerov as both Russia and Ukraine prepared for another round of peace talks.

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One of the suggestions for a peace agreement is that Ukraine lease Crimea (annexed by Russia in 2014) and Donbas (partially controlled by Russian-backed separatists) to Russia until a referendum on their status is held.

It remains to be seen if the two sides will find an agreement as the next round of talks is scheduled to take place between April 29 and 30.

But it looks like Abramovich is indeed trying his best to broker peace.

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