The Mother Of Young Everton Fan That Cristiano Ronaldo Smashed His Phone Reacts On Social Media

Manchester United are investigating an incident involving Cristiano Ronaldo and a mobile phone after their 1-0 loss to Everton on Saturday.

The videos that circulated on social media were inconclusive that Ronaldo had, indeed, ‘smashed’ a phone out of a fan’s hand as he left the pitch.

However, images that have since emerged appear that a phone was indeed involved.

And now, someone claiming to be the mother of the boy whose phoned was smashed has now posted a social media message.

Sarah Kelly took to Facebook to explain what had happened to her son, Jake.

She wrote: “Well a lovely game at the match turned into me an Jake with the police. Can’t believe I’m saying this but RONALDO smashed Jakes phone out of his hand while he was recording him coming off at full time. I’m shocked that a professional football can assault a child like this. If anyone can get any videos of this for me I believe their in Instagram already. I’m not on there! Please share!! These football players are thugs! He’s a dad himself how would he feel if this was done to his kid????????”

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Sarah has also attached two photos of what appears to be a bruised hand and a smashed phone.

Of course, anyone could have written that message and we’re not suggesting that Sarah is definitely who she claims to be.

But it’s a post that is starting to start a lot of traction on social media

With United seemingly investigating the incident, we’re sure the truth will soon emerge.

But if the boy is hurt and has, indeed, had his phone smashed, we really hope he’s okay.

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