Thomas Tuchel Sends Blunt Message To Ricketts Family Over Proposed Chelsea Takeover

Chelsea fans are preparing to protest against the Ricketts family’s bid to buy the club. They are angered by historic racist and Islamophobic emails from Joe Ricketts, despite the fact that he is not involved in the bid.

Asked to comment on the planned protests and the emails, Thomas Tuchel’s reply was blunt: “Nowadays you have to deal with it and you have to face the consequences if you are responsible for these kinds of quotes. You have to face the consequences.

“If one of the consequences is that the fans do a protest or give their opinions you have to deal with it.”

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The manager added: “I hope it will not disturb the team and the fans who support us will remember we have a team who is challenging in three competitions in a crucial moment of the season and don’t distract them in their approach to the stadium or in the stadium during the game.

“We have enough to deal with at the moment. We don’t need another issue.”

The deadline to increase the bids and send in the final offer to buy Chelsea is April 11. One week after that, the Raine Group aims to submit the final and best offer and announce the club’s new owners.

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