Tips On How Government Can Tackle Cultism In Nigeria

Tips On How  Government Can Tackle Cultism In Nigeria

Tips on how the government can tackle Cultism
Say No To Cultism

How Government can tackle Cultism in Nigeria.  Cultism has being a major problem the government needs to tackle with strict measures, over the time there have been unlawful killings, Robbery , public disturbance across Nigeria due to Cultism.

Citizens are scared of even going about their daily activities due to cultists, The Government has a big role to play so do parent also have their own major role to play because charity begins at home. So we take a look at some tips the government can use in tackling Cultism .

Here are some Tips government can implement

In Tackling Cultism in Nigeria these major tips should be considered by the government.

Educating Parents

Parent should be educated on Cultism, when you as a parent begins to see some negative attitude of your child do not pamper them but correct them, if reporting such child to the necessary agencies would be of help then parent should not hesitate to report such child. Parents are role models to their children, so they have a major role to play in the fight against Cultism in Nigeria, those cultists didn’t fall from heaven somebody gave birth to them and that why the up bringing of a child is very important, most parent overlooked this aspect not knowing it’s consequences,when a child lacks proper upbringing then that child is vulnerable to anything that come it’s way,educate your child on their way of life, if possible distance your child from any potential bad friends because most cultists joined this unlawful gang not willining but due to bad friend, set standard for them at a tender age ,the way you lay your bed so you will surely sleep on it, you can’t train a child like a tout and expect that child to behave like pastor, government and parent are the front runner in tackling Cultism In Nigeria

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Government Empowerment

This is where government comes into play, Empowerment will go a long way in the fight against Cultism, most of this cultists joined the gang with different circumstances ,  some joined for power, but most joined out of faustration , intimidation, joblessness , and so on. Some of this notorious cultists are graduate with good grades, many are self employed while few has nothing to offer. 7 out 10  Cultist are self employed with good skills in their different field of work but due to lack of funds end up becoming Cultist. With the government running an adequate Empowerment program to assist this guy’s , an Empowerment that will go a long way not five or ten  thousand naira Empowerment , proper Empowerment will drastically reduce and help in the fight against Cultism.

Educate Security Agencies

The government are solely responsible for this aspect of educating the rightful security agencies in the fight against Cultism, Nigeria security agencies have under numerous attacked, due to their way of handling issues, the Nigerian police force have been criticised in the past, not to talk of SARS who turns any given opportunity to harass innocent citizens going about their daily activities. So educating them not to mistake an innocent citizen with tattoos or dread locks for a Cultist will go a long way.

Public cooperation

The general public also has a simple but major role to play, when we criticise the security agencies for going beyond their boundaries , the general public also need to be caution as well, cooperating with a security officer of the law isn’t a big deal for a patriotic citizen to do. When your innocent submit yourself and be polite when dealing with an officer of the law except you have some skeletons to hide and that is when the officer might use the hard way. Just as the saying goes obedient is better than sacrifice.

Stricter Law

The government should pass a stricter Law and put it into enforcement with immediate effect , passing a law without enforcement is a waste of time , when a stricter Law like 20 to 40 years in prison for  any tried and found guilty cultists is been enforced without any form of politics played in it, then Nigeria is on her way to eradicate Cultism. All the government needs to do is to look for scape goat and not innocent citizens to use as an example.

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