Tokyo 2020 Olympics : Disqualified Nigerian Athletes Protest In Tokyo

At the ongoing tokyo 2020 olympics disqualified nigerian athletes protest in the street of tokyo to vent their anger over there unlawful disqualification.

While other countries are celebrating their heroic feats and collections of medals at the ongoing olympics.

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However for team Nigeria the situation is different as the athletes are protesting the ‘shame’ brought upon the country by the negligent of sports administrators.

Disqualified Nigerian Athletes Protest In Tokyo

The grieving athletes carried placards with the inscription “Why should we suffer for someone else’s negligence”, “All we wanted to do was compete” and “We are not just alternates but potential medalists.”

Disqualified Nigerian Athletes Protest In Tokyo
Protesting disqualified Athletes Protesting in the street of tokyo

Recall that on Wednesday 10 of the country’s athletes were disqualified from taking part in the Olympic Games due to their failure to undertake the mandatory three out-of-competition tests expected of athletes participating in a competition of this magnitude .

However the sport ministry further complicated the issue for the grieving Athletes , as the ministry labelled those affected as ‘alternate and foreign students athletes, whose tests did not meet with sample collection and analysis standards’.

More details about the ongoing protest in tokyo as the nigerian federation will look into the matter and resolve it.

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