Top 10 Richest Football Players In The World 2021

Top 10 richest football players in the world 2021 as they are rank according to their earnings , investment , bonuses and endorsement .

Football is the most popular sport in the world today, this sport is funded by billions of people across the world with almost 5 billion followers .

Footballer make huge sums just wearing their team’s jersey , with just the weekly salary of most football players will blow you off your couch majority of whom are just between 20 to 25 years of age.

With so much going on for footballers. We can even safely say that every major football star is a rich sports staff, ranging from salaries, allowances, bonuses, wins and investment deals. These players have so much wealth for themselves.

Today we are going to take a look at the top 10 richest football players in the world 2021

Richest football players in the world 2021

Number 10 : Paul Pogba,

networth, 85 million on the 10th spot, we have the famous paul pogba, a player well known for his flamboyant gestures and crazy hair styles.

Pogba currently plays in the english premier league for football giants manchester united,  paul pogba was once the most expensive footballer when he joined manchester united from juventus on a 105 million pound transfer fee.

His current weekly salary is about €290,000  and his endorsement deal with Adidas is said to be worth well over 30 million dollars per annum.

Aside from being a football player, pogba also owns a real estate firm that is said to be worth around £5 million.

Just like his colleagues pogba owns a lot of luxury rides in his garage. He owns a lamborghini aventador, a ferrari, 912 heroes  and many more number .

Number 9 : Eden Hazard,

networth 100 million dollars eden hazard, is currently the ninth richest football player in the world.

He is a professional footballer from belgium, and today he plays as a winger for real madrid.

Hazard currently receives over 500 thousand pounds per week in real madrid , with so many investment deals and staggering salary.

Hazard is now one of the richest football players in the world. Having signed numerous deals with big companies and currently owns a huge mansion in spain that is said to be worth about 12 million dollars, not to mention a wide range of luxury cars that can be found in his insane car collection.

Hazard is currently estimated to be worth around 100 million dollars, making him one of the top richest football players in the world

Number 8 : Andres Inesta

Worth around 120 million dollars. Iniesta is another famous football star who made it to our list of richest footballers.

Aside from being one of the all-time best midfielders , iniesta is also a legend in barcelona fc and has a lot of achievements under his belt.

He’s a world cup winner and two european cup winner for spain and has won the la liga titles.

Ten copa del ray  and four champions league trophies with fc barcelona, although he no longer plays for both spanish national team and barcelona, but remains one of the richest football players today, while still in barcelona, iniesta used to earn a whopping 240,000 per week.

This turned out to be a staggering 11.5 million dollars per annum and when he left barcelona, he signed a deal with a japanese football club. In this new club he receives a whopping six hundred thousand dollars per week.

This boosted his net worth significantly. He has also signed numerous investment deals with companies like nissan , nike  and other top brands.

Aside been a successful footballer , inesta is also a club owner. He currently has the largest share in alba city fc, a small spanish club, and he also owns a beautiful mansion in spain.

That is said to be worth 4.5 million dollars with many cool luxury cars to decorate his garages.

Number Seven : Gareth Bale 

Gareth bale net worth is estimated at 125 million dollars. The wales International  is currently ranked as the seventh richest football player in the world with a networth of 125 million dollars.

he’s surely one of the richest footballers today , he joined real madrid back in 2013 on a record transfer fee of 85 million pounds after playing and winning several major trophies for real madrid for over half a decade.

Numerous investment deals to his name with companies like nissan lucozet, BT Sport, EA Sports, and adidas.

He is  currently the captain of the wales national team and has managed to score 33 goals in 85, appearances for his country

Number Six : Wayne Rooney 

160 million dollars in estimated networth ,while rooney is one of the most unique football players in the world although It’s, sad that he’s currently retired.

Having won all major titles in england and europe, he decided to play for an american club called dc united in his last days as a football player, rooney is said to be one of the best strikers in england and over the years he has made so much Money for himself in the football world, just like other superstar players.

Rooney has lucrative investment deals with numerous companies across the globe.

Having signed deals with companies like coca-cola , fifa, nokia, adidas and a few other companies, while rooney also owns a mega luxury mansion In manchester and has a collection of luxury .

Number Five : Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The swedish International  networth is around 190 million dollars  , there’s hardly any football lover who doesn’t know zlatan ibrahimovic, a player gifted with insane acrobatics and goal scoring abilities.

Zlatan is one of the most unique figures in the world of football. He’s a swedish legend who currently plays for ac milan prior to playing for milan, ibrahimovic, has played for other clubs like barcelona, juventus, inter psg, los angeles galaxy and manchester united.

Having played in all these clubs across europe and america, ibrahimovic has amassed a lot of wealth for himself through huge salaries and bonuses.

He currently earns about 3.5 million pounds in salary per annum.

Aside from his football salary, ibrahimovic earns over 10 million dollars annually from various investments .

Over the years he has a lot of lucrative, investment with companies like Nike, Nivea, Samsung, Microsoft, Xbox and Volvo.

The player owns three expensive mansions in sweden and a few more in other parts of the world.

His swedish mansions are said to be worth over 50 million dollars collectively, aside from numerous houses, he also owns a fleet of luxurious cars like the lamborghini galado , maserati gran.

Ibrahimovic is definitely one of the wealthiest football players around the world.

Number Four : Neymar Jr

Neymar jr is currently valued at  200 million dollars.

Neymar santos jr is a gifted brazilian football star known for his incentive skills and flamboyant lifestyle.

He currently plays for paris st germain and is the second highest paid footballer in the world.

His record transfer from barcelona to psg  made him the most expensive soccer player in football history.

Just last year, neymar made about 25 million dollars from several sponsorships and investment deals over the years.

He has signed several industrial deals with major companies like Panasonic air, Jordan, Nike ,  Gillette and Puma.

Neymar has also won several trophies, including two la liga titles, two copa del ray , one uefa champions league and three french league cups

Number Three : Lionel Messi

messi net worth is around 450 million dollars.

The third richest player in the world is none other than lionel messi of argentina. Who is surely a man who needs no introduction in the list of top richest footballers in the world .

This gifted football phenomenon is one of the biggest busters in the world.

Nickname to the goat, Lionel messi is widely regarded by many as the greatest football player.

This is debatable, of course, with hundreds of assists and major goals . Lionel messi is safely ranked as one of the highest goal scorers in the game of football .

Also one of the most decorated players in the world. He has won six balloon D’or awards. Five european golden boots, and even a world cup golden ball.

His contribution to barcelona is also terrific. He has won 12 la liga titles, 12 copa del ray , four uefa champions league and four club world cups.

Being one of the most successful unlocked football superstars messi leverage to command mouth watering salaries and bonuses that is unprecedented in the football world.

Currently playing for paris saint germain in france having left barcelona in the summer , messi own a 5 million dollar mansion in  spain.

This luxury mansion is shaped like a football pitch and planes aren’t allowed to fly over it.

Messi also owns a couple of luxury cars, like the audi r8 , range rover vogue and many more .

Number Two : Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano ronaldo net worth around 500 million dollars is  on the second spot of this list .

Ronaldo, who is definitely one of the most famous and Well-Known celebrities in the world , he is  also a legend in the football world having won four la liga titles, five champions league, two copa del ray, three premier league titles, two serie a titles and even an european championship trophy for his country.

cristiano ronaldo, Is a skillful football player from portugal who has played for big european clubs like manchester, united, real madrid and juventus back in 2019, ronaldo became the second highest played soccer player on the planet, with an annual salary of 190 million dollars.

Currently with manchester united having left juventus in this summer, the mega football star signed a lifetime contract deal with Nike. Which is worth about one billion dollars .

Cristiano has a lot of investment with companies like Electronic arts, Harbor life, Egyptian steel, Unilever and many more.

His luxury car garage is said to be worth about  five million dollars featuring cars like  bugatti veyron, lamborghini, aventado, bugatti, chiron, royce royce, phantom bentley gt, continental and aston martin db9 ronaldo also owns numerous luxury mansion  across spain and portugal.

Number One : Faiq Bolkiah

Faiq Bolkiah net worth is estimated at 20 billion dollars. I know most of you were expecting to see cristiano ronaldo or lionel messi at the number one spot, and it may come as a shock to you to know that the richest football player is a mere 20 year old, whose name you may be hearing for the First time, but research showed us that Faiq Bolkiah a brunei nationalist, is indeed the richest player on earth.

However, this young man did not make any of his insane 20 billion dollars from football. He has such a huge network as a result of inheritance. His uncle is the famous sultan of brunei, who is worth over 50 billion dollars.

Been the prince of brunei today,  Faiq Bolkiah currently plays for leicester city in the english premier league.

So here you are, these are the top ten richest football players in the world 2021.

Do you think footballers deserves this income? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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