Thomas Tuchel Reveals Why Chelsea Deserved To Go Through Against Real Madrid In The UCL

“I was disappointed to see the referee smiling and laughing with the opponent’s coach. I think this is the wrong time after you see a team fighting until the last drop. I thought it was bad timing and I told him,” Thomas Tuchel said after the match against Real Madrid.

The Chelsea coach also claimed that VAR shouldn’t have overturned the goal from Marcos Alonso, saying there was not handball

“Maybe it’s too much to ask for in this match against this opponent. I didn’t see the handball. We only lost because of luck and deserved to go through.”

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First of all, the ball clearly touched Alonso’s hand so the decision from VAR was absolutely correct.

Tuchel Reveals Why Chelsea Deserved To Go Through

Second, let’s not forget that Chelsea’s second goal came after an inexistent corner.

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