Thomas Tuchel Summarizes Romelu Lukaku’s Chelsea Conditions – Reveals His Plans For The Striker

Thomas Tuchel came out in defense of Romelu Lukaku another one of his poor showings on Wednesday, against Real Madrid. The boss highlighted that the loss should not be pinned on any one player.

“We wanted Romelu & we bought him because we believed in him, and still do. Has it worked out in a way everybody wanted so far? No, of course not. It’s not on Romelu after 2 defeats, he didn’t even start these two last matches

“We play the cup competitions until the end, we play [FA Cup] semi-final, we play the Carabao Cup final, and the Club World Cup final and we are in the race for top three in the hardest league.”

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“We have had one tough result against Real Madrid but we cannot put this on one player. We are still working to make it better.

“We had a reason to spend this amount of money and he had reasons to come here and complete his Chelsea chapter. This is ongoing.

“Anything can change in the blink of an eye in football and there was already a chance to have a huge uplift here. As a striker, the story can be written quickly and differently.”

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